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Oct 29 : 11:18pm
In the process of doing a 200 sq. ft. addition in my buildup. Dust everywhere. Putting in a new bigger FAU, 5 ton. The old one is 19 years old so the new one should be a lot more efficient. Footings are dug and forms in for new/improved foundation and retaining walls. Concrete pour tomorrow and framing should start on Friday. Going to be a little busy around here the next couple of weeks.

Oct 29 : 04:52pm

STATE HWY 18 / BEAR SPRINGS RD - RIM X LAT/LON:34229876 /117221771

More Info: Click Here

Oct 29 : 03:01pm
So sad about officer Diamond. All they were doing was attempting to serve a warrant.

Mtn.goat John
Oct 29 : 06:09am
Officer Shaun Diamond.

Oct 29 : 02:11am
Good chat.

bills grandson
Oct 29 : 02:10am
it's hard to understand how they can control a burn just under an actual explosion like that. They release a lot of energy in a short period of time

Goodnight take it easy

Oct 29 : 02:07am
Nite all, have a good morning MGJ and Rock.

Oct 29 : 02:04am
A 13 foot diameter solid fueled motor can shake the ground pretty goodl

Oct 29 : 01:59am
We were about two miles away from the test platform....The test platform. Unreal'

Oct 29 : 01:52am
I did however witness a test firing of a 256" diameter solid fuel rocket =booster out in Lambs Canyon. The ]hook like you wouldn't believe.

bills grandson
Oct 29 : 01:42am
It wouldn't have been his fault. I don't think it would have been anyone's fault until they knew there was a problem and tried to cover it up.
I think it was something that they didn't look for in water until it was found. Then when they started looking it turned up in a lot of places. Three or four around San Bernardino.
Makes you wonder what other things they haven't started looking for are killing us?

Oct 29 : 01:25am
I don"t think they did any work in the high desert.

Oct 29 : 01:17am
I appoligse if my dad contributed.

bills grandson
Oct 29 : 01:12am
It was about the same time but it was from rocket fuel
The Hinkly deal was from a company involved in natural gas distribution

bills grandson
Oct 29 : 01:09am
I think it was Ammonium perchlorate and the parent company may have been Lockheed and some sub contractors

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