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Sep 16 : 09:02am
If in doubt use your air horn to gain 3' path.

Sep 16 : 08:59am
I assume that adult bikers also have a drivers license that gives them the right to take the entire road

Sep 16 : 08:51am
Gutter and Benny that is correct. I get the new law and the reason for it. My best friends son was hit and killed by a hit and run driver. He was avid cyclist and rode safely. But we also need to educate cyclist also that they too are sharing the road with cars. I have ridden for years and I'll stick to the trails over the road where cars are.

Sep 16 : 08:46am
lol badbear... Hate bikers that do that.... Yes I have flown the middle finger flag at them now and then too for it. And yes I ride.

Benny (N6BWX)
Sep 16 : 08:43am
That's what it sounds like to me.

Gutter Duster
Sep 16 : 08:41am
So if I understand the new law... the farther the biker gets towards the middle of the street... the farther I have to go left to maintain that 3' buffer...

Sep 16 : 08:35am
When I approach bikers 3 wide, do I only need to maintain the 3' rule for the biker closest to the curb?

Sep 16 : 06:29am
its time. have a wonderful sweaty day

Mtn.goat John
Sep 16 : 06:28am
Have a great day!

Mtn.goat John
Sep 16 : 06:27am
Thubump, thubump

Pebbles what was that?

Sep 16 : 06:27am
now that's a weight loss program.worlds fastest diet

Sep 16 : 06:26am
you would look good wrapped around my 35's

Mtn.goat John
Sep 16 : 06:25am
I stay off the streets. I'll take my chances with you over a car. I know my record with you, not about to try a car.

Sep 16 : 06:23am
we need a stay off the blvd rule. that would be safer

Mtn.goat John
Sep 16 : 06:23am
I know you are not a fan of that. Heck you don't give me an inch on the trails.

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