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Oct 20 : 12:30am
I saw some of those Russian trucks up close in Reno. I think they were designed for support in the oil fields. Crazy. Six wheel drive, several tons, and hauling A.

Oct 20 : 12:23am
I remember watching Robby Gordon when he was still a teenager, just amazing. Nobody did the things he did. The locals in Mexico are crazy, standing on the side of the race course, very inebrieated, with race cars flying by them at over 100 MPH. Crazy Shat.

bills grandson
Oct 20 : 12:15am
The south America Dakar is wild. a lot of miles in wild country.
You can follow Baja live and watch their transponders on a map. The video shows the locals right on the course with cars going by over 100 mph. A couple of years ago a drug dealer entered at the last minute and they had a chopper following him the chopper crashed and killed everyone on board that led to serval days of murders. First they raided the morgue and killed people and took hostages. It is just insane down there.
There is a lot of money in racing now it's good and bad. While you can still enter the "stock" classes the trophy trucks are the stars of the show. Them and the class ones reach tremendous speeds with suspension to match.

Oct 19 : 11:44pm
What used to be the Paris Dakar is amazing. The logistics mind boggling. In all the times I was in Mexico I never had any real issues. One of the guys I raced with owns a uniform store in San Diego. If the local law enforcement ever hassled us, he would just give them his business card and said he knew their Chief personally and that would end the conversation. After you get about 30 miles south of Ensenada, the people are amazing. Ladies sweeping the dirt floors of their stores and porches, really happy you were spending your money there and really trying to have a presentable business. Miss it, but times are a little different now.

bills grandson
Oct 19 : 11:28pm
Would love to have done that when I was younger. Off roading is probably the only thing I was ever good at. But had my priorities different even back then. I wouldn't go across the border. It is too dangerous down there. They set booby traps to try and wreck the drivers. They do enough of that on their own.
The Dakar will be coming up about now and they have good coverage off that online. They race these huge trucks that started out as chase trucks but now have their own class and go about as fast as everyone else.

Oct 19 : 11:21pm
I got out of the racing scene about 10 years ago. Used to be an avid fan. Chased off-road racing for about 12 years. Did the Baja 1000 all the way down to LaPaz and back five times. Priorities in life seem to have a way of changing. Out of it now, but those were fun times.

bills grandson
Oct 19 : 11:13pm
I don't know about anywhere else but around here they are reused, then thrown away. A few years ago they had a pr program that seemed to help. I seldom see them blowing around. I live in a trailer park and the down wind chain link fence would catch them. The supermarket lets you recycle them but I doubt if anyone will doo that. I can buy hundreds on ebay and will probably do that and just take a few in with me. Might even start selling them outside.
I don't like the idea of the reusable bags they will get grubby pretty fast, at least mine would. They say places that have done it have had shop lifting go up. Probably not in supermarkets. It just bugs me when they do these things.
Did you watch Nascar today?
I was jumping around when It looked like Danca might win. Leading with ten laps to go after charging through the pack. But disappointment again

Oct 19 : 10:40pm
The issue is not the plastic bags, it's the responsible recycling of same. Once again those who are not responsible are forcing additional laws upon those of us that do. Can we not legislate against the irresponsibles?

Ernest T. Bass
Oct 19 : 09:58pm
So goat and ROCK meet on Monday night football, this will be "fun"

bills grandson
Oct 19 : 09:19pm
wish I could help but I am in and out this late. Kind of like I guess the hippies did in the sixties.
I do have a gripe.
Friday Desert Hot Springs started their no plastic bags. The rest of the state will start in Feb. So instead of Staters I drove to Walmart for shopping. Actually saved some money. So no sales tax for DHS. I would have gone to Palm Springs but I'm still protesting their higher sales tax.
Plus now I will have to start buying trash bags too.
By the way you can buy a better plastic bag for .30 each.
So there's my part of the show all in one post

Oct 19 : 09:07pm

UNITS: E98 E99 AMR30
STATE HWY 38 / SUGAR PINES CIR - ANG X LAT/LON:34138804 /116984817

More Info: Click Here

Oct 19 : 08:51pm
I do crack myself up sometimes, but going solo at midnite is getting a little arduous.

bills grandson
Oct 19 : 08:34pm
damn your getting this night show down

Oct 19 : 08:32pm
I used to have a butler, but having retired, now I'm him.

bills grandson
Oct 19 : 08:26pm
butler, the only way to go

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