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Dec 20 : 02:15am
There are a bunch of them lurking at this time in the morning. Apparently they are just LURCKERS, not wanting to participate in this idle banter.

bills grandson
Dec 20 : 02:07am
O.K. glad we finally got a night show in.It's been awhile but nice to see a few others carrying the load too.

Dec 20 : 01:58am
Well, it's time to call it a nte. I hope all of you sleep well. Are MGJ and ROCK on days off so they can sleep in a little? I think probably not, but in any event, make it a good morning.


bills grandson
Dec 20 : 01:56am
Yes the farther you get from the border the better it gets. I wouldn't want to race there with the way they crowd the course. It is insane. Plus now the trophy trucks will run you over to get passed you. They had a class one so it was not to bad. Back in the beginning Parnelli Jones was about the only one who would do that but he usually crashed within a few miles.

Dec 20 : 01:50am
Been all the way down to Cabo four times never had a problem with the Polica or the locals. Once your get about 50 miles south of Ensenada, the people are wonderful, and very grateful to partake in some gringo money. I saw women sweeping the dirt floor of their store, just to make it as presentable as they could. Great work ethic.

bills grandson
Dec 20 : 01:42am
There was one in the park down here the other day, they are big. They seem to do pretty good off road at speed.

bills grandson
Dec 20 : 01:37am
I would have liked to race a semi stock beetle glass. But my opinion on Mexico is I never lost anything there so I wouldn't go there.
Now it is way to dangerous down there. Locals setting up traps to crash racers. My friend was pitting a few years ago when the drug dealers chopper crashed. That got wild for the next few days

Dec 20 : 01:34am
At a Vegas to Reno race, I was able to see one of those six wheel drive Russian trucks close up. Amazing. I think they were designed to support the oil fields in Siberia.

Dec 20 : 01:31am
One time when I still had my Mazda B2600i, I had to pull our race truck up every uphill going down from Mike's Sky Ranch to Valle de Trinidad, where we had a pit. After a couple of hours of this, the axle tube finally broke. I drove the 30 miles down to Valle de Trinidad, we pulled the rear end out of one of our Bronco chase vehicles. Loaded it in the back of the Mazda and went the 30 miles back up the course to the race truck. Swapped out the rear end in the race truck, and was then able to get the truck back to our pit. Then had to put the race truck in the semi trailer, pull the rear end out of it and put it back under the chase bronco to get back to Estero Beach where we were staying. Didn't get until noon on Sunday. My wife, Kim, was as one would say, a happy camper, Such is racing in Baja.

bills grandson
Dec 20 : 01:18am
I have another friend who was navigator for the last few years but they have both pretty much given up on it. But they had a lot of fun. A few get killed every year down there. Mostly chase guys. I think Dakar would be fun But I am definetly to old for that. I like watching the Russian trucks in that

Dec 20 : 01:14am
Yea, racing is very expensive. Hell, it was very expensive for me just chasing. Loved every minute of it, though.

bills grandson
Dec 20 : 01:11am
I just put a limited slip rear end in my Toyota pick up. Never had one before, and probably won't need this one but it didn't cost much more. I wanted to race Baja back in the day but never had money or time. A few friends went into it big time and I think it took all the fun out of it. If you had the bucks that's one thing. But gettibg enough guys together, spare parts, food beer, etc. No thanks I'll just go out and put around. It will be enough fun humiliating 4 WD's I come across

Dec 20 : 01:11am
I forgot to mention that was in low range in the transfer case.

Dec 20 : 01:05am
I used to air down my tubeless tires on the Bronco to 10 psi if I needed to in the soft sand washes down there. Never had a problem. I had a locker rear end, so that obviously helps. I once towed a full size three quarter ton 4wd pickup with a bad tranny, 8 miles down Matomi Wash in Baja, 2nd gear 4000 rpm in 4wd. That will get your attention. Made it to the hardball and someone else was able to help him from there.

bills grandson
Dec 20 : 12:56am
It's hard to find tubes anymore. I doubt if many guys know how to put them in

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