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Aug 29 : 10:20pm
Does anyone know if Holcomb Creek has any water in it? Looking for a place to take the dogs to splash and figured S.A. River would be too crowded!

Aug 29 : 10:10pm
Even the drive up here had miles of dry and brown grass

Aug 29 : 10:09pm
Checking in from Placerville. It's in the low 90s today, pretty warm! The pines are beautiful up here, but the drought is surely taking its toll here. Lots of brown rolling hills, they should be green!!

Aug 29 : 09:51pm
stetson- how navigable is the road? I heard last year that bigger trucks will get scratched. True?

stetson creek r
Aug 29 : 05:04pm
Oso, I believe parts were filmed at our ranch, at least I was told so by someone who knew Mary Stetson. And Mary was given a Stetson Hat that was John Wayne's. He signed it for her, after asking if she was any relation to the Stetson of the hat company. She said she was. She kept the hat for years, but eventually gave it to the San Bernardino Museum. I went there to see it, and they didn't have it, and had no record of it. Someone who knew Mary suggested that it was really at the Smiley Library, but they don't have it either.

Aug 29 : 04:50pm
The film, Shepard of the Hills was shot in and around Bluff Lake. With a certain John Wayne.

stetson creek r
Aug 29 : 03:05pm
Bill's grandson, thank you. If you come, please introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!

bills grandson
Aug 29 : 02:57pm
stetson creek r
good article. Will try to make it down there this year. Harold bell Wright is one of my favorite authors. Because he wrote Shepard of the hills. His books are corny but I have read many of them, Strong moral lessons. Strangely although I have it I haven't read eyes of the world

stetson creek r
Aug 29 : 02:54pm
We have a great crop this year. We're opening two weeks earlier than usual because we had such a warm winter.

Aug 29 : 02:48pm

UNITS: MA282 ME282
S LUCERNE DR / W VINE AVE - BBC X LAT/LON:34243052 /116865819

More Info: Click Here

Aug 29 : 01:51pm
How's the crop?

stetson creek r
Aug 29 : 09:57am
This is a link to an article about Stetson Creek a Ranch from the Big Bear Grizzly from 2008. [Click Here]

stetson creek r
Aug 29 : 09:52am
We will open for You-Pick apples Labor Day, Monday, September1. 10 am to 4 pm. We are in the Barton Flats are, look for the signs on Highway 38.

Aug 29 : 09:08am
Happy Friday!

Aug 29 : 07:34am
Good Morning Ernie!

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