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Nov 24 : 06:33am
Goats and Rocks are not here on Monday morning!

bills grandson
Nov 24 : 05:00am
Sorry but another decent nights sleep. Glad you have another night owl. Nights are getting more active then days for some reason. Guess everyone is making a living.
I'm getting the wiring done. Should be getting another 160 feet of wire today which should be enough. Hard to believe a little car can take so much. Glad I did it a lot of bad work. Should be more reliable If I got it right.

Nov 24 : 01:59am
Nite all. Looking forward to my goats and rocks.

Nov 24 : 01:37am
BGS, how's the buggy coming?

Nov 24 : 01:30am
And, by the way, my name is Lahn. I have a wonderful wife, Kim, three daughters, and three grandkids.

Nov 24 : 01:25am
I think it used to be like 40 bucks. It's getting harder and harder to have fun on public lands. Such a shame.

Nov 24 : 01:19am
I would be willing to pay for a night to stay in a lookout

Nov 24 : 12:38am
And then there is the Mojave Desert Preserve. The only people who used to go out there were off-roaders and campers. Now they are severely restricted as to what they can do and where they can go. God willing and with a lot of luck, we can get Feinstein and Pelosi unelected in '16.

Nov 24 : 12:30am
Like LJ said, too much liability. The lawyers have taken over our country, if there was anything that was really fun, you can't do it any more.

Nov 24 : 12:12am
They used to, at least at Morton Peak LO. Not for the last couple of years though.

Nov 24 : 12:11am
I rember when lookouts were a 24 7 job during fire season

Nov 24 : 12:00am
would be great if fs let people spend a nigh at lookouts

Nov 23 : 10:33pm
Well, thank you LJ and Cammy for being our eyes in the sky over the summer, and may you guys have a wonderful holiday season.

Nov 23 : 10:22pm
It would be nice to have a fire season end in November again.

Lumbe® Jill
Nov 23 : 10:10pm
Hopefully the cold temps and a bit of precip means we are safe from fire for a while

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