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Mtn goat John
Jul 24 : 03:08pm
For anyone planning on traveling the 14 freeway. The 14 is currently being closed from the NB5 on the south end to Ave M in Palmdale on the north end. The Sand Fire has gotten very ugly in the Acton area.

Jul 24 : 01:45pm

UNITS: MA50A S51 E271
STATE HWY 330 / OLD CITY CREEK RD - RSP X LAT/LON:34205581 /117127944

More Info: Click Here

Jul 24 : 12:36pm

Jul 24 : 12:35pm
Why are the posts tagged July 25th when today is the 24 th?

Jul 24 : 12:14pm
So, it is grey water then?

Jul 24 : 12:10pm
Yes, it is the treated water from the sewage treatment facility. There is that hillside that is somewhat visible from the 330, but also a pipeline that drops down into the next drainage to the east and that area has a much larger rainbird setup.

Jul 24 : 12:08pm
Thanks for the information. We've been full-time on the mountain for sixteen years and never saw it before...

Mtn goat John
Jul 24 : 11:58am
Also for anyone interested Sand Fire just lost air support in one division due to use of a drone.

Mtn goat John
Jul 24 : 11:57am
I was going to say it is too low for SV. It is in Fredalba. Seen it many times.

Jul 24 : 11:54am
I know that it is the Running Springs sewage treatment plant, just below Smiley Park/Fredalba. I always figured it's just them getting rid of treated water.

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 24 : 11:50am
They could be working on a new snowmaking system, I know snow valley pulled out all their air/waters years back and went with fan guns. Maybe they're putting them back in and testing... seems a little more logical.

Jul 24 : 11:35am
Massive. The system looks large from miles away.

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 24 : 11:33am
That's bizarre. Maybe they're afraid of a fire and watering things down, still a waste of water...

Jul 24 : 11:32am
From below, it looked like it could have been in the area of Snow Valley so I thought it might have been their snowmaking equipment. Not sure why...

Jul 24 : 11:32am
Sprinklers were on again this morning, too!

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