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Home >> FIRES AND INCIDENTS >> Chino Hills-Diamond Bar Fire-1

Chino Hills-Diamond Bar Fire-1

Chino Hills-Diamond Bar Fire-1
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Submitted by Dave™ on Nov 16, 2008 11:54AM.


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Image Description
Smoke from our Hacienda Heights backyard - 11/15/2008
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Jul 23 : 08:44pm
Since I'm up here for a bit did my 1st trip to Victorville school shopping today. Interesting mall (for the record I hate shopping & malls)

Jul 23 : 08:32pm
Craig, rebooted and working great. Thanx.

Jul 23 : 08:00pm
DE is great! I have lots of pets and farm type animals. Go ahead and use the pool grade for the ants, it is cheaper. There is a food grade to use around pets. It is white in color and has been more refined for pet use. Do not use the gray color, pool filter stuff around pets!

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jul 23 : 07:57pm
It appears OK RRH....

Jul 23 : 07:53pm
Scanner down? or is it my machine?

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jul 23 : 07:35pm
I usually wait until October 1 to start my snow dancing

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jul 23 : 07:15pm
Not quite yet Sun Diego...

Sun Diego
Jul 23 : 06:50pm
We will have to do a snow dance at the picnic.

Jul 23 : 06:45pm
Three fires today and the first really hot day...

Jul 23 : 06:43pm
Hi everyone . Warm on the mountain ... We need snow Benny soon.

Sun Diego
Jul 23 : 06:23pm
Thanks for the advice. Terro is wonderful for killing most ants I agree, but these are little tiny fast ants that just moving into San Diego and are taking over. They eat Terro and just keep on draining it dry and keep on eating it and nothing seems to happen to them. I will try Diatomaceous earth. Thanks

These ants are not even that excited about sugar, they seem to like protien and they hate the sunlight, so if i put a bowl of dog food in the sun they leave fast leaving an amonia sweet smell behind whech leaves in a few days. In the ktichen just washing with water right away makes them leave for a while, but scouts are all over the garden, some in the house, a friend had them kill a small tree. And they farm some little tiny black round thing.

Ernest T. Bass
Jul 23 : 05:29pm
for ants use Diatomaceous earth (what is used in pool filters) wont hurt animals but will kill ants

Gutter Duster
Jul 23 : 05:12pm
But you MUST keep it (TERRO) from your other animals... Deadly to them also...

Debbie Doodah
Jul 23 : 04:36pm
For ants you might want to buy Terro. Set a trap out, they feed, take it home and it kills off the whole nest. Takes a couple days but is great.

Jul 23 : 03:36pm
Sun Diego- interested in hearing more about your hydroponics- since I dont' think ground squirrels can swim!! However WD40 is NOT fish oil- it is petroleum based!

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