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Home >> FIRES AND INCIDENTS >> Green Valley Lake Home Burning

Green Valley Lake Home Burning

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bills grandson
Oct 20 : 02:11am

Oct 20 : 01:57am
Goin' down. Nice chal.

Oct 20 : 01:51am
If it feels right you have to go after it. it won't come around again.

bills grandson
Oct 20 : 01:45am
It's a shame people today don't have the freedom to do the crazy things we did. safer for them but it takes away from what makes life worth living.

Oct 20 : 01:42am
Thanx for joining me on the nite showl

Oct 20 : 01:40am
Those were the days.

bills grandson
Oct 20 : 01:36am
I was about three at the time. The Dr. who sewed up my mothers face was the real guy who was the model for TV's fugitive.
The guy who used to have the Yamaha shop on the hill had one in the cathederal city area and Steve /McQueedn lived up near Bob Hope's house and would ride his bike across the empty desert and they would bench race in his shop. His wife would call and he would have to say he wasn't there. There are things women will never understand

Oct 20 : 01:33am
The nite show seems t0 have a lot more verbage than the morning show. And no emoticons. Love it.

Oct 20 : 01:27am
Sorry about your brother. Malcomb was a wonderful man.

bills grandson
Oct 20 : 01:22am
I bought my bike from him when he had the small store that was hard to get to . We bought three that day.
I would have loved to meet that bunch Of course Steve McQueen was a God to me. There used to be a race that ended in Fawnskin in the early fifties. We were going to watch it when we wrecked and I lost a brother.

Oct 20 : 01:14am
I used to ride with Malcomb Smith in and around Lake Elsinore. The things he could do on a motorcycle were amazing.

bills grandson
Oct 20 : 01:06am
sorry one of my naps.
A lot of big racers started out on bikes in Southern California deserts.
Big Bear has had a lot of good racers. in Bikes, desert. and stock cars I don't know if that is normal in small towns or we are special that way?
Swede Savage's dad was a local vetinarian

Oct 20 : 01:06am
And a good nite to all and to all a good nite.

Oct 20 : 12:30am
I saw some of those Russian trucks up close in Reno. I think they were designed for support in the oil fields. Crazy. Six wheel drive, several tons, and hauling A.

Oct 20 : 12:23am
I remember watching Robby Gordon when he was still a teenager, just amazing. Nobody did the things he did. The locals in Mexico are crazy, standing on the side of the race course, very inebrieated, with race cars flying by them at over 100 MPH. Crazy Shat.

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