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Jul 25 : 12:34pm
Is Autumn a SCM member yet?

robk (K6RBK)
Jul 25 : 12:28pm
BNB -- Get The Burger has ice cream. Your choice of cup or cone.

Jul 25 : 12:21pm
Where can one get an ice cream cone? Is the village really the only option?

Airport Razz
Jul 25 : 11:45am
Quick ant note on the use of DE. Do keep in mind that this is not a poison. It kills the little creatures because the microscopic animal remains in the DE is extremely sharp and will cut the exterior coating around the ant's body thus allowing the ant to dehydrate and die. While it wont poison animals/people, it can screw up their insides quite well if enough is ingested. Common sense applies here. Everyone have a great weekend. Our first with my new baby granddaughter Autumn

Sun Diego
Jul 25 : 11:41am
San Diego Fairmount and #8 got a few drops about 8 inches apart for about a minute. Comic Con folks are dry I think.

Airport Razz
Jul 25 : 11:40am
Thanks Wingnut, just did that and lo and behold, there it is, testing at 6AM . Explains why it looked like the pilot was trying to measure a piece of rope hanging off the bottom. Good skills from what I saw. And if you want calm winds, that would be the time. At least it wasn't Sat/Sun.

Jul 25 : 11:33am
Weren't we talking yesterday about DE mitigating ant ... rain?

Jul 25 : 10:43am
Ant rain BB? Looks like we might get some here in RS. Hoping the mountain sure needs it!

labor mel
Jul 25 : 09:23am
wingnut whatever happened to the wx twitter feed from the airport?? hasnt worked in quite a while

Jul 25 : 08:57am
Downpouring and thunder here in El Cajon and it's heading to Comic Con

Jul 25 : 08:40am
It is already getting too warm!

Jul 25 : 08:16am
If your a facebook, like "big bear airport L35 " we post all the latest things going on at the airport.

Jul 25 : 08:14am
Airport Razz, there is a helicopter manufacturer doing some testing. They needed calm wind. The airport has tried to inform the public via facebook, website and the last we were trying to get KBHR to a public service announcement. We dont want to upset anyone thats why we got the info out there.

Sun Diego
Jul 25 : 08:13am
We have been having rumbles of thunder here in San Diego. I hope that means rain somewhere.

Airport Razz
Jul 25 : 08:02am

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