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Home >> FIRES AND INCIDENTS >> Slide and Grass Valley Fires 10-22-2007 >> Super Scoop Plane 017

Super Scoop Plane 017

Super Scoop Plane 017
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Submitted by kb on Oct 25, 2007 01:58PM.


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Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 02 : 12:15am
Thanks guys and gals. It was just a glitch with my new host/server as things are still propagating, looks like is back up. And happy to announce I will have another new big bear weather cam up in the coming weeks!

Sun Diego
Oct 01 : 11:44pm
Thanks Ben, you are awesome. The worked for me.

I use Chrome almost all of the time. It almost always works in San Diego for me.

Oct 01 : 11:39pm
Thanx for your continued work on the site, Ben.

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 01 : 11:28pm
Somethings goofy, go to [Click Here]

Oct 01 : 09:28pm
What happened to

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 01 : 08:31pm
I know how it can be, deal with this sort of thing every day. A lot of people are so used to IE such as myself, but I might suggest downloading and installing chrome, give it a try and see if it will work as your one stop shop. Seems the most reliable.

Oct 01 : 04:16pm
It's been a bit frustrating, as I had to keep switching back and forth from one browser to another. I was updating a web site, and neither browser was fully functional.

Firefox usually works best, but hogs my CPU and RAM. A couple restarts, and it seems better now.

Oct 01 : 04:11pm
That's my thought. I'm thinking the recent Flash and/or Firefox updates are the issue.

There was an issue a couple months ago with the DNS for Charter and certain web sites. It kept issuing errors. If I switched to a different internet provider, I had no problems. Experiment, switch programs, etc. Eventually everything starts working.

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 01 : 02:08pm
That's a browser issue Jelly.

Scanner/Weather is back up, charter issue resolved.

Oct 01 : 02:06pm
I don't know if Charter has anything to do with this, but YouTube is not currently working with Firefox on my computer.

YouTube works fine with Chrome, however.

Oct 01 : 12:48pm
ok this one is up [Click Here] you all may want to use this until the charter is back up if you like

Oct 01 : 12:44pm
interesting radio reference scanners are down too for san bernardino ,

Oct 01 : 11:27am

Oct 01 : 11:23am
Scanner and Dispatches are down due to a Charter problem... Sowwy

Oct 01 : 10:20am
Scanner seems to be disconnected and will not reconnect.

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