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Jul 24 : 05:25am
Ya it is.

Mtn.goat John
Jul 24 : 05:24am
Good Morning Cornbread. Stay cool, going to be a hot one down here.

Jul 24 : 05:20am
Morning Goat

Jul 23 : 11:19pm
Feed the coon some lead pellets.

Jul 23 : 11:09pm
I am down in the SGV and a coon demolished my yard last night. Dug up and killed half the plants. Tipped over pots. It was like a vandal. They are naughty creatures. I think the drought is making them desperate.

Sun Diego
Jul 23 : 10:51pm
Thanks KK, we do have three dogs in the house who walk past the fish and veggies on their way to the yard, so that is a big concern. Also neighbors cats looking to go fishing was a problem, but now that they can not catch anything they stay away.

But Mrs Raccoon still comes around and I want to be careful of her----

Jul 23 : 08:44pm
Since I'm up here for a bit did my 1st trip to Victorville school shopping today. Interesting mall (for the record I hate shopping & malls)

Jul 23 : 08:32pm
Craig, rebooted and working great. Thanx.

Jul 23 : 08:00pm
DE is great! I have lots of pets and farm type animals. Go ahead and use the pool grade for the ants, it is cheaper. There is a food grade to use around pets. It is white in color and has been more refined for pet use. Do not use the gray color, pool filter stuff around pets!

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jul 23 : 07:57pm
It appears OK RRH....

Jul 23 : 07:53pm
Scanner down? or is it my machine?

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jul 23 : 07:35pm
I usually wait until October 1 to start my snow dancing

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jul 23 : 07:15pm
Not quite yet Sun Diego...

Sun Diego
Jul 23 : 06:50pm
We will have to do a snow dance at the picnic.

Jul 23 : 06:45pm
Three fires today and the first really hot day...

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