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Home >> SCANNER AUDIO >> 9 Yucaipa Earthquake

9 Yucaipa Earthquake

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Submitted by Craig on Oct 08, 2006 12:07PM.


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Movie Description
Big Bear Scanner audio from after the 4.9 earthquake that hit Yucaipa, CA on June 16, 2005.
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Jul 24 : 09:26pm
I'm all for a watchful eye. I wish more people would 'get involved' Know your neighbors, neighborhood, traffic on your streets etc.

Jul 24 : 09:05pm
30 new people joined the facebook group today. More eyes to protect the community!

Jul 24 : 09:04pm

Jul 24 : 09:03pm
Glad you joined the Facebook group Mountainlvr. I am a part timer in the SugarLoaf area myself

Black Widow
Jul 24 : 09:02pm
I'm back! How are all of you? Well, I hope.

Just got back from my birthday week celebration... on and around Catalina Island. Although, within 2 days, you've pretty much seen the whole place; I didn't mind seeing and doing things several times! My gf and I had a blast!!! Still, in some ways, it's good to be back home.

Jul 24 : 08:47pm
Good evening SCM. A bit cooler now.

Jul 24 : 08:17pm
I know that feeling... To lazy to put them on

Jul 24 : 06:54pm
Cracking myself up looking at my own posts. Glasses are on now.

Jul 24 : 06:39pm

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 24 : 06:28pm
It's like an Apache, they're always up here training...

Jul 24 : 06:19pm
Well that yet again was a mess up darn phone I'm typing on or auto correct: Bear Valley Neighborhood Watch page

Jul 24 : 06:18pm
Brown Bear just joined the Facebook group Bear Valley Neighborhood Watch. Good idea

Jul 24 : 06:16pm

Jul 24 : 06:16pm
The helicopter flies over my house and back around.. third pass going on now...

robk (K6RBK)
Jul 24 : 06:16pm
Marine Corps AH-1Z Viper

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