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Home >> SCANNER AUDIO >> 9 Yucaipa Earthquake

9 Yucaipa Earthquake

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Submitted by Craig on Oct 08, 2006 12:07PM.


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Movie Description
Big Bear Scanner audio from after the 4.9 earthquake that hit Yucaipa, CA on June 16, 2005.
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Oct 25 : 10:17am
Did not feel a thing in moonridge

Oct 25 : 09:54am
hard sleepers in RS to miss the 4am shaker.

Mtn.goat John
Oct 25 : 08:19am
Pretty tough when it is only one letter. Other half? You forget Roger too?

Ernest T. Bass
Oct 25 : 08:14am
Hi R, I ah... blanked out on your name when I ran in to your other half at Vons last Thursday.. senior moment

bills grandson
Oct 25 : 03:25am
see I nodded off again and let down the guy with the whip.
I'll have to jump through extra hoops next performance.
luckily we get paid by the word so if I write enough I can earn my pay.
While the cash is nice I'm mostly in it for the benefits, and you meet such fun girls in a circus. Currently I am dating the bearded lady. Almost makes up for having to clean up after the elephant. and he works for peanuts.
Oh well see ya next show.

Oct 25 : 02:07am
Nite all. Sleep tight.

Oct 25 : 01:41am
Did you ever find the emerald IJ?

Oct 25 : 01:03am
Hard to go solo on the nite show. At least I still entertain myself.

Oct 25 : 12:58am
Soooo I'm finishing marinating my rump to make sauerbraten tomorrow. Five days to marinade, and four hours to cook. Should be tasty, though.

Oct 25 : 12:46am
How about that orange hourglass bellied lady?

Oct 25 : 12:43am
Can't be a ringmaster without any animals in the ring.

Oct 25 : 12:33am
Seems to be fixed. Good thing. I didn't want to write that nasty PM to Benny, Craig, etal. again.

Oct 25 : 12:25am
my page is refreshing very slowly. Is it me or systemic?

Oct 25 : 12:06am
Should you guys now call me Barnum or Bailey?

bills grandson
Oct 24 : 11:54pm
As I see it while retiredredhat is the ringmaster of the circus anyone can participate in the nite show. Jump in when you have something to contribute, start it off. or suggest a topic. Anyone with 2 or 3 IQ points to rub together is as good as anyone else. If some of us vanish for awhile we may have nodded off

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