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Best of the Old Fire

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Submitted by Craig on Oct 08, 2006 11:53AM.


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Movie Description
The Old Fire of October 2003 nearly devestated all mountain communities in the San Bernardino Mountains. The first started in the foothills in highland and quickly took out hundreds of structures at the northern most part of Waterman Canyon. It eventually spread into the mountains driven by high winds and caused the evacuations of Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, Running Springs, Big Bear, and most mountain communities in the SBD Mountains. The fight went on for well over a week. Hundreds of homes were lost, but most were spared. This audio and video captures the event from the start until the final evacuation of the BigBearScanner.
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Tammie B.
Jan 30 : 10:44pm
Just came uth on 38. Road was fine until Onyx Summit area, it started snowing pretty hard. Then turned to rain closer to BBC. Good night all.

Jan 30 : 05:50pm
Come on by! The girls would love a male figure!

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jan 30 : 05:30pm
Tacos!!! Got room for a 14th camper?

Jan 30 : 05:26pm
Hi ChattieKathie! We're hoping for some snow tonight! Cooking tacos for my crew.

Jan 30 : 04:45pm
Hi BraveBearNona!
Dan and I drove dth on Wed. Have a great time uth!

Jan 30 : 03:58pm
Hi Everybody! We made it you UTH with six teenagers. The rest are on the way!

Jan 30 : 03:50pm
Getting soaked in the high desert. Good rain here

Benny (N6BWX)
Jan 30 : 03:31pm
LB is it just phone or internet too? If it's both, reset your cable modem.

Jan 30 : 03:04pm
Thanks everyone
at least The Superbowl is
still on... Just NO PHONES
oh well..... Have electricity, heat, food and TV.....I will survive Happy weekend all

Jan 30 : 02:55pm
I only have Business Charter Phone and Internet here - thankfully Internet has been fine!

Jan 30 : 02:53pm
My TV and internet are working.

Lumbe® Jill
Jan 30 : 02:51pm
We have Charter internet and it's working

Jan 30 : 02:44pm
Thanks kamari
Do you know if TV service or internet down also?

Jan 30 : 02:41pm
Charter phone outage here in Bear City since at least 9am. Hard to reach Charter, but when we do there is a recording stating there is an "outage in the area that they are working on." Frustrating!

Jan 30 : 02:19pm
Anyone out there have info on the Charter Phone outages?

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