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Best of the Old Fire

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Submitted by Craig on Oct 08, 2006 11:53AM.


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Movie Description
The Old Fire of October 2003 nearly devestated all mountain communities in the San Bernardino Mountains. The first started in the foothills in highland and quickly took out hundreds of structures at the northern most part of Waterman Canyon. It eventually spread into the mountains driven by high winds and caused the evacuations of Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, Running Springs, Big Bear, and most mountain communities in the SBD Mountains. The fight went on for well over a week. Hundreds of homes were lost, but most were spared. This audio and video captures the event from the start until the final evacuation of the BigBearScanner.
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Jul 31 : 05:48pm

UNITS: MT281 MA283
0 0XX 1312 116 4239 - BBC JUNIPER SPRINGS CMPGRND X LAT/LON:XX220100 /116711078

More Info: Click Here

Jul 31 : 05:26pm
ooooooooops, maybe I left my hose on overnight.

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 31 : 05:25pm
Hope the sinkhole wasn't caused by a water main break!

Jul 31 : 04:32pm
have not heard what size this sink hole is yet, was away from scanner, mabe someone eles knows

Jul 31 : 04:16pm
Used to live over that way.. Hope all is ok!

Jul 31 : 04:15pm
Sink Hole on Nana? WHAT? And yes I felt an EQ too. Wasn't sure if it was thunder but the lights moved.

Airport Razz
Jul 31 : 03:51pm
Whew, thought I was going to have to start a drinking habit this week .

Jul 31 : 03:49pm
Airport Razz 2.6 BBC

Jul 31 : 03:47pm
no it just came over scanner about the sink hole

Jul 31 : 03:47pm
mabe thats what caused the sink hole on nana , just now

Airport Razz
Jul 31 : 03:46pm
OK, old man losing his mind here? Did I just feel a quick sharp EQ or was it a big huge truck going by on this new smooth road we have?

Jul 31 : 03:22pm
Boeing 707 has landed safely at Victorville Airport...

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 31 : 03:19pm
Hose lay around the fire at this time, releasing helicopter in about a half hour. Looking at about a 2-3 hour commitment time for resources on scene.

Jul 31 : 03:15pm
Lightning strike fire just above South Fork campground. Fire crews and helicopter seem to fighting it successfully

Jul 31 : 03:13pm
DJ - They are preparing for a Boeing 707 to land at Victorville airport that has one engine out. Considered an emergency landing so they prepare for it just in case.
Plane should have landed by now.

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