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Home >> SCANNER AUDIO >> Emerald Fire Scanner Audio

Emerald Fire Scanner Audio

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Submitted by Craig on Oct 08, 2006 12:02PM.


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Movie Description
First 45 mins of Audio from the Emerald Fire that occured on August 29th, 2006. The fire which grew to over 1000 acres was at one time a significant threat to Angelous Oaks and Big Bear.
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Nov 22 : 11:54pm
Well, the birthday party went off fairly well considering there were 20 six year olds running and screaming throughout the house. Not my idea of a good Saturday. The granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed herself as Elsa from Frozen, and the decorations were amazing. Not sad, however, that it is over.

Nov 22 : 09:15pm
many hallmarks have closed nation wide

Nov 22 : 08:58pm
I believe she close at the end of July. Shelley have been there for 25 years and said it was just time then they also raised her lease so I can't blame her but I sure do miss her open houses and all the lovely gifts she had.she was one of the nicest ladies ever! Now shelly knew how to give customer service the old-fashioned way.

Nov 22 : 08:38pm
Oh no! When did Shelly's Hallmark close?

Nov 22 : 08:30pm
Shelly's Hallmark closing was very sad to me also. Guess no one buys cards anymore but I do!

Nov 22 : 08:29pm
Benny I totally agree with u re: la Montana.!it used to be a nice place we have a lot of fun family times there and lots of great memories. But I had noticed service had gone downhill and food really was not that great I guess it was just the good memories we had of our family going there. Thanks for the info cricket that was very interesting I hope the restaurant reopens and is a success!

Nov 22 : 06:21pm
Weather Alert Just Went Into Effect.
Click Here For Details

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Nov 22 : 06:12pm
Thanks Cricket! Will keep an eye out...

Nov 22 : 04:35pm
This was told to me by a variety of sources, including some things told to me by workers there

Nov 22 : 04:34pm
La Montana's business was declining, and as I hear it, Hacienda Grill took a lot of their customers. That being said, the owner of La Montana closed the place down, and has spent the last several months completely renovating the premises, including a major overhaul of the actual kitchen. They had planned on being open again on Oct 1st, however, due to the major kitchen overhaul, that was not possible. They now have a target date of Dec. 1st. They will no longer be serving Mexican food, but will, however, have American Cusine...Breakfast (all day), lunch and Dinner. It is beautiful inside, and I am looking forward to trying them out once they are open.

Benny (N6BWX)
Nov 22 : 04:17pm
It's too bad, back in the day that was the place to go!

Gutter Duster
Nov 22 : 01:56pm
When service gets bad along with the food, they do not get the customers they need to stay open. Twice we waited almost 20 mins just to get service and then the food was not up to standard..IMHO

Mtn.goat John
Nov 22 : 01:17pm
Not sure what happened, but usually restaurants are kind of forced to close when they don’t pay their employees and food poison customers, like I said I have no idea what happened.

Nov 22 : 12:52pm
Does anyone know what happened to La Montana restaurant? It was on oh favorites in BB.

Mtn.goat John
Nov 22 : 11:49am
That's a bummer.
Thanks MtMan.

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