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Oct 22 : 07:53pm
Does anyone know if Fish&brew is still open in Morongo Valley. It was the best fish and chips ever. The would fry anything for you

bills grandson
Oct 22 : 06:37pm
I always take that route but the section from Landers to camp rock road gets old. When you have the time stop off in Landers and see giant rock and the Integratron.
Do a little research before you go so you know the history. A big flying saucer landing area. And in Spring the flowers are great. Take a map to save a lot of driving around. Those are the only stops to make

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 22 : 06:07pm
I'll have to give that place a try, looks great on Yelp! I love me some good Mexican food.

Oct 22 : 05:57pm
I was surprised how fast, and nice scenery. I like Algoberto's tacos in Yucca Valley when we head to Joshua Tree, so this may be the new way to go!

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 22 : 05:46pm
You've never done that route? It's awesome! And pretty fast too...

Oct 22 : 04:53pm
First time to drive Fawnskin to Palm Desert thru Yucca Valley. Nice drive!!

Construction delays coming up 38 from Redands was lengthy.

Oct 22 : 11:31am
Just heard a helicopter saying something but couldn't make it out.. He's flying over Erwin Lake.. any ideas?

Oct 22 : 07:30am

Mtn.goat John
Oct 22 : 06:26am
Have a wonderful day!

Sorry about breakfast KK.

Oct 22 : 06:23am
have a great day

Mtn.goat John
Oct 22 : 06:23am
Pretty sure I saw Ernie in the first video. You know ponytail guy.

Oct 22 : 06:22am
only once ?

Oct 22 : 06:22am
i was a peep of walmart once.. didnt realize it til i was there and shopping hahahahha

Oct 22 : 06:22am

Mtn.goat John
Oct 22 : 06:21am
I give up on breakfast.

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