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Jul 25 : 08:40am
It is already getting too warm!

Jul 25 : 08:16am
If your a facebook, like "big bear airport L35 " we post all the latest things going on at the airport.

Jul 25 : 08:14am
Airport Razz, there is a helicopter manufacturer doing some testing. They needed calm wind. The airport has tried to inform the public via facebook, website and the last we were trying to get KBHR to a public service announcement. We dont want to upset anyone thats why we got the info out there.

Sun Diego
Jul 25 : 08:13am
We have been having rumbles of thunder here in San Diego. I hope that means rain somewhere.

Airport Razz
Jul 25 : 08:02am

Mtn.goat John
Jul 25 : 07:07am
We do more things before 6am than most…. Oh never mind

Airport Razz
Jul 25 : 06:23am
WTH 6AM hovering practice and photo op?? I know I come off sounding like those people on Clubview complaining about golf balls in their yards living next to a golf course and I do live next to an airport but REALLY, its 6 frikkin AM!

Mtn.goat John
Jul 25 : 06:15am
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jul 25 : 06:14am
its time have a gr8 day

Mtn.goat John
Jul 25 : 06:12am
If they get out of control the CHP next door can take care of them.

Jul 25 : 06:11am

Mtn.goat John
Jul 25 : 06:10am
Poor Wingnut

Mtn.goat John
Jul 25 : 06:10am
Hahahha She is okay, it is the ones with her to look out for.

Jul 25 : 06:08am
thanks to your wife big bear is on lockdown

Mtn.goat John
Jul 25 : 06:08am
No, make a list. You'll need a few pieces of paper though.

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