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Oct 24 : 12:07am
Must be one of Benny's All Hallows Eve inspired mid-slope inversions. With the partial eclipse today and all. I'm just sayin'.

Oct 24 : 12:00am
Wow. 37.6 at Shay Meadow and 66.7 here in Crestline.

bills grandson
Oct 23 : 10:48pm
I felt sorry for them, and they seemed like a decent family unit but it did not seem right. I will keep an eye on the news. DHS is not the smartest place to get out of your car at night. Or even in the daytime in some areas.
I have seen some very strange things going on. Very friendly girls I had a couple who offered to cook me dinner

Oct 23 : 10:31pm
Probably a wise decision. Those folks can be wise and resourceful. and might be making a living off of situations like yours.

bills grandson
Oct 23 : 10:26pm
Not much to write about from my end but I did have something happen a week or so ago.
I went to the local pizza hut and while I was waitng a Mexican family came in man, woman, mother in law and son. I saw they were careful about what they ordered. I got my pie and left. As I was starting to pull out the man and his son came out. He approached me about possibly giving them a ride.
Obviously from Mexico as he spoke zero English.
I never give rides, and it was late at night and it would have been ten miles out of my way.
It would have been a very dangerous move on my part. While they seemed O.K. I cannot figure out why they were there in the first place, and how they finally got "home" There was a Wendy's much closer to where they started.
Any thoughts on the situation?

Oct 23 : 10:15pm
Just kiddin' guys. I always enjoy scrolling down to see what the haps were around dawn.

Oct 23 : 10:00pm
Well. MGJ, I most humbly accept your accolades with respect to the late nite show. I doubt BGS and I could hope to attain the longevity of the morning show, what with us articulating full sentences, even paragraphs, and all. It eventually begins to drag on one with all the key strokes and all, not to mention the elevated risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 23 : 04:14pm
Ack, you blinked. nvm

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 23 : 04:10pm
And the temp is 66.6!

Oct 23 : 03:41pm
Benny, it was a tag team.

Oct 23 : 03:40pm
they feel worse when they are right under the house... my dog is going bonkers!

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 23 : 03:39pm
I saw the 2.9 & 3.0

Oct 23 : 03:38pm
here it is

[Click Here]

Benny (N6BWX)
Oct 23 : 03:38pm
Must be the eclipse!

Oct 23 : 03:36pm
got some shaking going on now in Fullerton, two shocks about 1 min. apart, second was stronger

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