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MARTA's new bus?

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Sun Mar 18 2012, 04:23PM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #2392
Joined: Wed Feb 09 2011, 07:23PM
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Sun Mar 18 2012, 06:47PM

Registered Member #1977
Joined: Mon Dec 07 2009, 01:27PM
Posts: 122
Ok.. that's cool and all but what was that animal that ran across the screen at about 1:17??
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Mountain Mike
Sun Mar 18 2012, 10:02PM

Super genius
Registered Member #53
Joined: Sun Oct 15 2006, 10:14PM
Posts: 665
It was a Snuffalupagus

Well I guess I'll just sit here and blow up then, shall I?If Mr Spock is left brained, then why does he play an instrument?
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Mon Mar 19 2012, 05:51PM
Registered Member #2392
Joined: Wed Feb 09 2011, 07:23PM
Posts: 2956
The very rare...

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Mon Mar 19 2012, 07:56PM

Registered Member #1977
Joined: Mon Dec 07 2009, 01:27PM
Posts: 122
Yep, Oso...that MUST be it!! John thought it was a jack rabbit... looked too big for a jack rabbit to me!!
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Oct 13 : 08:42pm
Fab, what time did your power go out? Not related to the Big Bear outage I assume?

Indiana Jones
Oct 13 : 08:28pm
Go Dodgers!

Fab Man
Oct 13 : 08:01pm
Still no power in Angelus Oaks. The 5:30 pm deadline has been bumped to 8:30 pm. Hope it's restored soon E-gen fuel getting low!

Oct 13 : 05:55pm

034XX826 XX17XX341 - LAA THE PINNACLES (ARR) X LAT/LON:34307355 /117228280

More Info: Click Here

Mtn.goat John
Oct 13 : 05:54pm
You're worried about an hour + outage. Heck I'd be more worried about his predicted 30' of snow.

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Oct 13 : 05:41pm
Hysterical yes. Is he correct? I hope not! Long (1+ hour) power outages wreak havoc with systems!

Around The Lake
Oct 13 : 04:07pm
woolly bear you are hysterical

Oct 13 : 03:56pm
Today was just a test. When El Nino hits Big Bear with 30' of snow and all the roads are closed and we loose power. Just think what happened on October 13th.

Airport Razz
Oct 13 : 03:51pm
And here is the icing on the cake. Was expecting a Lowe's delivery today. Got a call around 11 that they couldn't make it up because all the roads being closed. Now I have to wait until Sunday. Tell this to my client who wont be able to get into their house across the deck come Friday. Talk about frustration to the max. Still better than living DTH

Airport Razz
Oct 13 : 03:49pm
I was inside DIY when it went dark. They refused to let anyone leave until the power came back on. Sat there for 20 minutes getting more and more pissed before they decided that if you weren't purchasing anything we could leave. Wow. Talk about management training

Oct 13 : 03:32pm
El Nenio is coming....

Oct 13 : 03:29pm
When power came back on, it fried my refrigerator, cable box, and monster power strip

Sherry Allen
Oct 13 : 03:12pm
Power's on

Oct 13 : 03:00pm
On in Castle Glen.

Oct 13 : 02:51pm
Still out in Castle Glen.

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