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MARTA's new bus?

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Sun Mar 18 2012, 04:23PM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #2392
Joined: Wed Feb 09 2011, 07:23PM
Posts: 3192
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Sun Mar 18 2012, 06:47PM

Registered Member #1977
Joined: Mon Dec 07 2009, 01:27PM
Posts: 122
Ok.. that's cool and all but what was that animal that ran across the screen at about 1:17??
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Mountain Mike
Sun Mar 18 2012, 10:02PM

Super genius
Registered Member #53
Joined: Sun Oct 15 2006, 10:14PM
Posts: 714
It was a Snuffalupagus

Well I guess I'll just sit here and blow up then, shall I?If Mr Spock is left brained, then why does he play an instrument?
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Mon Mar 19 2012, 05:51PM
Registered Member #2392
Joined: Wed Feb 09 2011, 07:23PM
Posts: 3192
The very rare...

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Mon Mar 19 2012, 07:56PM

Registered Member #1977
Joined: Mon Dec 07 2009, 01:27PM
Posts: 122
Yep, Oso...that MUST be it!! John thought it was a jack rabbit... looked too big for a jack rabbit to me!!
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May 29 : 05:37pm
Museum websites states open Memorial Day Weekend at 10 am. Their Voicemail is not up to date. Can anyone tell me if they are open tomorrow and what time? Thanks!

May 29 : 02:56pm
Sned! Stupid spellcheck

May 29 : 02:54pm
Very funny Snead! But also very tempting!

May 29 : 02:35pm
Between Google Maps doing a fade, and Person of Interest doing Final Chapter, I'm still thinking The Singularity is HERE, NOW!

sned (KK6PTO)
May 29 : 02:29pm
shoot da bug!

May 29 : 02:28pm
I'm still struggling with where the breaks happen. It's not like some straightforward geocode problem. More like their database suddenly turned into NaN's.

May 29 : 02:22pm
Maybe Google could use a woodpecker to solve their bug problem.

Thanks for the reply, bc!

May 29 : 02:16pm
©ammy, Radha, someone contacted me on Twitter. Turns out Google has a known-to-them bug. Bad enough that it's in work now, with no ETC. Soooo

sned (KK6PTO)
May 29 : 02:09pm
BBNona: woodpeckers can hear the bugs crawling around in the wood or siding, etc. most folks patch up the holes but never check for the real reason the woodpecker is there... To eat bugs! May want to have a pest control company to come by just to rule that out.

May 29 : 12:49pm

UNITS: MA50 S51 E271
HILLTOP BLVD / SUNSET DR - RSP X LAT/LON:34208439 /117114750

More Info: Click Here

May 29 : 12:13pm
Regulate: Based on scanner traffic, it sounds like they are still detouring vehicles are the accident scene using side streets.

May 29 : 11:50am
[Click Here]

[Click Here]

Double fatality traffic collision at 3:40 AM this morning in front of the Grey Squirrel. 4 people in a vehicle vs power pole. 2 died. Is 18 still closed?

Lumbe® Jill
May 29 : 11:32am
Hardiplank siding...that's what we did! They don't seem to like hammering on cement board lol

May 29 : 10:52am
Hi Lumber@jill:yes thank you! That was the thread I was looking for...this $&/?$@ woodpecker is attacking our cabin waking us up every am about 5:30!!! She is in a place about three stories high so it's hard to access. Best thing I found on the Internet is a "Black Attack Spider" it's motion sensitive and scares all birds! I think I want about four of those? Any better ideas??

May 29 : 10:14am
Oh, and as far as the Greenhorns goes, I'm sure they're protecting the Gooseberry crop!

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