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Fri Apr 13 2012, 10:01AM Email Thread Print View

Registered Member #2898
Joined: Thu Apr 12 2012, 02:04PM
Posts: 28
Big Bear Alternative Energy Group

The Big Bear Alternative Energy Group will hear presentations by solar installers who want to work with Valley residents to make solar power accessible and affordable through leasing and/or purchase. The first one-hour presentation will be held on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge. The meeting is for informational purposes only. There is no charge to attend the meeting, and by attending you will be under no obligation to join the group or to purchase or lease solar power. There will be a question-answer period afterward. For more information or to RSVP, please contact BBAEGroup©

In 2008 I attended the meeting held by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to hear arguments against a 24% rate increase that had been proposed by Bear Valley Electric (BVE). Many residents attended that meeting and put forth eloquent and strenuous arguments against the rate hike. Nevertheless, an increase of 19% over five years was approved on the strength of BVE's claim that they had to make up for not having raised rates in a decade--and despite the fact that its parent company, American States Water, is a publicly traded and very profitable company.

Since the PUC approved that rate increase, BVE has gotten another "temporary" rate increase, which has yet to be implemented, to cover costs incurred during winter storms in 2010. Now they want yet another 7.9%, effective in 2013.

I have started the Big Bear Alternative Energy Group and have approached several down-the-hill suppliers of solar and wind power about providing solar leasing to the mountain. Leasing makes solar power accessible to many homeowners because there are no up-front costs. Leasing solar power means you do not have to pay for or finance the solar panels and other hardware. You do not have to do any maintenance--this is all included in your monthly payment, which is lower--sometimes significantly lower--depending on your usage. It's like switching utility companies, only better, because your electric bill is lower, you are protected from any rate increases, and you are doing something great for the environment.

Two of the companies I have approached are preparing to do presentations for our group. The first one-hour presentation will be held Wednesday, May 9, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge. There will be time for questions afterward. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to BBAEGroup© so that we know how many will be present. If you like, you can be put on my mailing list and receive updates and information on the next solar installer presentation. If you forget to RSVP, don't worry! Just show up.

We are also on Facebook: [Click Here]

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Sun Apr 22 2012, 09:28PM

Registered Member #2093
Joined: Fri Mar 12 2010, 11:24PM
Posts: 1108
Excellent!! That's the way to do it- if you don't like the status quo create a solution! We'll be there!
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Sun Apr 22 2012, 09:45PM

Registered Member #39
Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 01:47PM
Posts: 3640
Me too! I would LOVE to be able to quit BVES.

Summer will be here soon!
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Mon Apr 23 2012, 06:34AM
Registered Member #2392
Joined: Wed Feb 09 2011, 07:23PM
Posts: 3368
Beware of free cookies. While solar might work for some folks that have the right location for solar exposure, the boondoogle of companies in the "business" and the leases offered all need to be closely examined. There are any number of articles, both good and bad about install experiences to be found online.

Can solar work? Yes. Can a home owner end up behind the Eight Ball? Sadly, yes too.

And if you have a solar lease and sell your home, that's another layer to be dealt with in escrow, the assumption of the lease, which in some buyer's eyes, might not be a positive.

But it's well worth considering in a valley that has a solar observatory -- and for a very good reason. Lots of sunshine.
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Ernest T. Bass
Mon Apr 23 2012, 09:24AM

winter is coming, soon, real soon
Registered Member #504
Joined: Mon Jul 23 2007, 01:43PM
Posts: 10541
I won't be going solar here, too many trees and they will be here after I'm gone! And wind is out too as it never reaches the ground here as much as my trees move it is calm at ground level.

I don’t need your attitude thanks, I have one of my own!

The Holocaust...Never Again
השואה... לעולם לא עוד
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Wed May 09 2012, 12:18PM

Registered Member #2093
Joined: Fri Mar 12 2010, 11:24PM
Posts: 1108
This is still taking place tonight, correct? We are perfectly suited for solar (or wind). Solar is quieter!
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Jun 21 : 10:34pm
Razz - I know the real story behind the Fox Towers, if you’re interested.

Lumbe® Jill
Jun 21 : 09:13pm

Jun 21 : 07:56pm
I saw that on the long range! Hopefully it pans out!

Benny (N6BWX)
Jun 21 : 07:51pm
Hey!!! Sup Clams! Send some rain down this way would ya, it's hot & dry! Long range looks like an above normal monsoon season, let's hope! Hi Rsters!

Jun 21 : 07:48pm
Quoting on an article on Fox Farming in Canada: Every year, fox ranchers would have to climb the towers to keep constant vigilance over breeding programs. Each morning a male fox would be moved into a female's pen and if mating occurred he would be moved to another pen the next morning. If mating did not occur, he would remain. The breeding season only lasts one month after it starts.

Jun 21 : 07:47pm
Fire Lookouts???!

Airport Razz
Jun 21 : 07:17pm
History question - back when there was fox farms in the fox farm area, what was the fox towers used for?

Jun 21 : 06:39pm

And then we had a rain storm for 3 minutes.

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jun 21 : 06:38pm
Oh Cool man! We don't get that here!

Jun 21 : 06:34pm
Oh ya! Right now, we're sitting here listening to thunder all around us!

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Jun 21 : 06:33pm
Cammy! Are you enjoying your sabbatical???

Jun 21 : 06:31pm

Jun 21 : 06:02pm

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Jun 21 : 04:10pm

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