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Need some plans for next winter?

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Fri Apr 20 2012, 12:16PM Email Thread Print View
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Joined: Wed Feb 09 2011, 07:23PM
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Fri Apr 20 2012, 01:18PM

Registered Member #106
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 05:53AM
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Someone has WAY to much time on their hands.
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Fri Apr 20 2012, 03:03PM

Joined: Sat Sep 15 2007, 12:34PM
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Amazing and yet.................

No good deed goes unpunished.

Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone.

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Mtn.goat John
Sun Apr 22 2012, 06:11PM

If you didn't leave any blood, it wasn't a ride!
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Pretty darn awesome! Can't imagine making those at ground level without aerial help. Really can't see what you are doing.

nothing in life is free, it ain't about easy it's about tough

"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible" Vince Lombardi

"Faith is not about everything turning out OK;
Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."
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Sun Apr 29 2012, 11:27AM
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Bring winter back!

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bills grandson
Jun 24 : 04:39pm

I got a package yesterday. delivered to the wrong door but came fine. They say when you order that they can't deliver to a box number. another example of ordering from ebay and it coming from amazon. I don't remember my amazon info. It's strange how sometimes the price is cheaper on ebay and so that is the price when it comes from amazon. The profit margin has got to be tight on some of these items. I guess making a buck even on an expensive item is better then nothing

Benny (N6BWX)
Jun 24 : 03:53pm

Benny (N6BWX)
Jun 24 : 03:29pm
Also, just a heads up... we're now getting some drift smoke in a northerly flow from the Erskine fire in Kern County.

Jun 24 : 03:14pm
Benny! I kept forgetting to order something and with Prime I just go ahead and order anyway. At least it wasn't daily!!

Jun 24 : 02:52pm
commenting to casadelgado's post i was jst telling my son we need to get our evac stuff together

Jun 24 : 02:50pm
oilhauler isnt online anymore

Jun 24 : 02:49pm
i agree my address has been valid since 1959

Benny (N6BWX)
Jun 24 : 02:44pm
Only 3 times a week boots?
I think I own stock in them by now. But some addresses it won't validate, even though they are valid.

Airport Razz
Jun 24 : 02:43pm
Oil Hauler - I have experienced the joy of not knowing your own address before. If need, I have an office on BB Blvd in Bear City that we have a good connection with Amazon Prime. Would be happy to arrange for your furniture to be dropped here if that is any help??

Jun 24 : 02:43pm
even tho i have everyone else be able to deliver to my address

Jun 24 : 02:41pm
OilHauler...i had to have amazon deliver to my daughters house because she has a proper address. i live in leasure and she lives up division

Jun 24 : 02:28pm
OilHauler- have you contacted their customer service? It's a bit hard to find the contact info but you can then either talk or chat with a rep and they should be able to resolve it.

Jun 24 : 02:26pm
Amazon Prime delivers to us all the time. Three times this week in fact. :-)

Jun 24 : 02:22pm
Road Alert Just Went Into Effect.
Click Here For Details

Jun 24 : 02:13pm
Has anyone had AMAZON Prime deliver to them?
I am trying to have AMAZON Prime delivery a love seat to us in Big Bear Lake. The system sez "Not Valid Address"

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