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Map of August 9, 2012 Lightning Fires on the San Bernardino National Forest

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Thu Aug 09 2012, 08:30PM Email Thread Print View

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Joined: Wed Dec 26 2007, 08:50PM
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Below is a map showing the locations of 7 lightning fires on the San Bernardino National Forest that all started on August 9, 2012. These locations are based on the coordinates from the FICC WildCAD. The fire names include: Peak, Oaks, Slide, Cedar, Hunting, Keller & Bear. You can click on the fire icons on the maps to bring up the name of each fire.

View August 9, 2012 Lightning Fires on the San Bernardino National Forest in a larger map

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Jan 26 : 07:28pm
RIP Kobe, Gigi, three other parents, two other kids, the pilot, and those unknown. May the angels fly down and support you all as you ascend.

Jan 26 : 06:34pm
Thanks for that info, doo-hickey!

Jan 26 : 05:47pm
'Latest Forum Posts' section below this chatbox is new and useful.

Between ⭐️S
Jan 26 : 04:48pm
Silver-- How can I get a couple of copy's of your book at whole sale for the Museum's book store. What is the retail. I have added children's books to our bookstore a few years ago. You can PM me with the info.

Between ⭐️S
Jan 26 : 04:43pm
It is sad when anyone passes away. But I am so sad about the Coby news. Watched him for 20 years as a Laker. It is even sadder to hear that his 13 year old daughter was on the helicopter too.

Jan 26 : 03:36pm
This has been very sad news today.

Jan 26 : 02:16pm
im in shock

Jan 26 : 01:03pm
First reports believe his oldest daughter was with him.

Jan 26 : 11:59am
Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash in Calabasas
Story: [Click Here]

Jan 26 : 11:45am
SCM Traffic Alert! Big Bear to Highland via 18/330 (DOWNBOUND) is experiencing 20+ minute delays. For real-time road conditions visit: [Click Here]

Jan 26 : 11:36am
Juliann, what time? I sure didn't hear anything!

Jan 26 : 11:19am
We had an extremely loud, shook the house experience last night when some helicopter or ? flew overhead. Live in upper Moonridge, partimers for 18 years and have never experienced that before. What on earth?!

Jan 26 : 10:29am
Me too Airport Razz. Happened to be looking out the window and touching the window sill. Shook more than the earthquake did. Maybe shook the dust off the pictures.

Airport Razz
Jan 26 : 09:54am
Well, I guess the flight line for the helicopters has changed. Just had my roof shingles rearranged

Benny ⭐
Jan 26 : 09:30am
Awesome Silver, Great Job on that!

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