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Weekend getaway

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Fri Jun 24 2016, 09:53AM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #472
Joined: Mon Jun 25 2007, 12:07PM
Posts: 63
We usually always camp when we come up but hubby and I are coming for our anniversary this year in August. Any good suggestions that would not be too overrun with kids. Not that I don't like kids cause I have four of them, but just not to noisy would be good.
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Around The Lake
Sat Jun 25 2016, 11:39AM

There is no such thing as a nobody as everyone touches someone's life
Registered Member #16
Joined: Mon Sep 25 2006, 10:38PM
Posts: 4283
Try apples bed-and-breakfast on MoonRidge Boulevard they have brand-new owners. Rare to see a lot of kids around at a bed-and-breakfast

Todd C
A Smile Goes A Long Way To Making Somebodys Day Great
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Sat Jun 25 2016, 09:12PM
Registered Member #472
Joined: Mon Jun 25 2007, 12:07PM
Posts: 63
That's true. I will check it out.
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Oct 22 : 04:31pm
I-15 NB remains closed at Hodge Road due to an active police investigation. The best detours are NB US-395 to EB SR-58 to the I-15. Another is EB SR-18 (D St exit) to SR-247 to I-15. #Caltrans8 [Click Here]

Airport Razz
Oct 22 : 03:55pm
They have Christmas trees so all must be good . Really don't understand how it is still 'open'

Oct 22 : 03:47pm
Yeah, kmart is a pathetic shadow of what it used to be. Bare shelves, last year's stuff, cant reccomend it to anybody for anything anymore.

Oct 22 : 02:54pm
I saw in the Wall Street Journal this morning that Alabama Courts have ruled no more curbside service, which means that no longer will an election worker will carry the sign-in sheet, and blank ballot, and perhaps a ballot marking "machine" etc., out to a car for use by a disabled person. This "service" has always (at least the last 20+ years) been a feature of California election polling places. It could be a pain in the A... for us election workers (I did that for 15+ years in LA County) and always made me wonder why somebody who had mobility problems would not simply ask for a mail-in ballot. I don't have mobility problems but I've been using a mail-in ballot for over 20 years and never worried about misdirected or lost ballots. Mail-in ballots, IMHO, are safer than ballots cast at polling places.

Oct 22 : 02:36pm
RT @goSBCTA: Check out our video for the completion of the US 395 Widening Phase 1 project. The project widened approximately 5 miles along US 395 between Chamberlaine Way and SR 18 from two lanes to four lanes Thank you to our project partners @CityofAdelanto @cityofvv @Caltrans8 @SB

Oct 22 : 02:06pm
MAGNITUDE 3.5 EARTHQUAKE. 7KM SW OF NILAND, CA OCCURRED AT 01:59 PM (PST) (20:59:26 UTC). DEPTH = 7 km (More Details: [Click Here])

Oct 22 : 01:57pm
Spiceguy, What happened?

Oct 22 : 12:56pm
In other news. My wife and I went to Kmart the other day for the first time in years. I'm happy to announce that it will be the last time. That is all.

Oct 22 : 10:45am
When I worked as an Elections Clerk for Inyo County many years ago, ballots were handled only by Elections Clerks, and Deputy Sheriff's. (The deputies picked up and transported ballot boxes from the outlying polling places that were 60-180 miles from the courthouse where the counting was done.)

I suspect the SBCO Elections Office has made similar arrangements for collection of ballots from official collection boxes.

Oct 22 : 07:45am
@Sportyj, you're correct, they are sanctioned and approved, but you still have a "third" party handling it, so that's why I'm just a bit untrusting. Straight to the post office.

Oct 22 : 04:49am
Magnitude 3.2 near Ludlow at 2:19 A.M.

Oct 21 : 09:46pm
MORE DETAILS: [Click Here]

Between ⭐️S
Oct 21 : 09:40pm
I was a letter-carrier for over 27 years. We gave special attention to mail-in ballots, making sure they were processed faster. It is safe to send your ballots through the mail, I would not drop them off at any place other than the Post Office. Back then, we even took them without stamps when postage WAS required. If you are worried about dropping them in the out going mail, hand deliver it to a window clerk. I would not place anything with a check or very important mail in a outside box, always take it inside. If you have a mail box at home, do not put important outgoing mail in it to be picked up.📪

Oct 21 : 08:09pm
Me too, Sportj. I just received this text. "Your ballot for the 2020 General Election was received and will be counted. Thank you for voting!".

Oct 21 : 07:46pm
I got a text that my ballot was counted! Wahoo! So anyone else who is waiting (after using the drop boxes) it took exactly one week.

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