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120volt/240 volt Generator

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Author Post
kleines Kanu
Tue Oct 15 2019, 07:47AM
Registered Member #37478
Joined: Tue Jan 01 2019, 01:01PM
Posts: 24
FYI to anyone looking at standby generators. First thing is that, at this altitude those internal combustion engines will loose about 18% of their rated power. Power loss is negligible up to about 600' AMSL then you loose about 3% per 1000' of elevation. So a 5kW unit can be expected to deliver about 4100 watts. Also, the formula for calculating single phase A/C power is current (amps) x voltage x power factor (PF) = watts. Another BIG thing is to NEVER use a cord with two male plugs to connect to your system. The law, and common sense, requires the use of a transfer switch so that their is no chance of accidentally back-feeding generator power into the utility grid.
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Rumor Mill
Mon Sep 14 2020, 06:23PM

Registered Member #191
Joined: Tue Dec 05 2006, 06:43AM
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still in my garage needs a good home PM questoins

Millennia’s sorry to tell you that there is no Santa Clause, no Easter Bunny, No Tooth Fairy, Have a great day
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Sep 26 : 12:03am
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

Sep 25 : 09:29pm
Thank you Benny. Maybe it was a quick dinner break. That is a lot of area to cover.

Benny ⭐
Sep 25 : 08:39pm
I went by a little bit ago, about 10 Sheriff's and S&R vehicles staged at the top of 18. Probably searching along pct from the dump to gods eye, around cactus flats area etc.

Sep 25 : 08:34pm
Thank you for the update SCM. There was absolutely nothing going on out there. Hopefully that is good news.

Sep 25 : 08:17pm
USFS: #ElDoradoFire

Community meeting for mountain residents in Angelus Oaks tomorrow, September 26, 2020 at 2 p.m. located at San Bernardino County Fire Station 98 located at 5766 Frontage Road, Angelus Oaks, CA.

@Caltrans8 [Click Here]

Sep 25 : 08:11pm
KrazyKristin, I wondered why a bunch of dog stuff showed up for my cat today

Sep 25 : 08:10pm
Hi Gorn. I haven't heard anything. I know they were out there in numbers a bit earlier... They are staging on highway 18 above Delta (or what is left of Delta - pretty much no longer a road).

Sep 25 : 08:06pm
Any news on the off-duty firefighter? Between BBC and Cactus Flats there were no searches being conducted at 7pm.

Sep 25 : 07:45pm
If anyone finds my order my dogs will love you for life! Evidently it's out there somewhere . . .

Sep 25 : 07:43pm
Just came up Hwy 38 to Forest Falls also - 630pm - no signs or cops anywhere.

Sep 25 : 07:32pm
Units On Scene Of A LEGAL Propane Fire. Cancelling.
Map, Photos, More Info: [Click Here]

Sep 25 : 07:18pm
Acres: 22,616
Containment: 83%
Personnel: 644
Injuries: 13
Fatality: 1
Homes:4 damaged;5 destroyed
Outbuildings:15 destroyed

Sep 25 : 07:18pm
USFS: #ElDoradoFire Video Update 09/25/20
El Dorado Fire Behavior Analyst Lauren Blake provides daily fire behavior update.
[Click Here]

Stetson Creek
Sep 25 : 06:43pm
I came up about two hours ago. There was no roadblock at Bryant and 38. Hubby drove up before me and said it was at the hairpin turn by Forest Falls. There was an unmarked but official looking SUV at the side of the road. The men standing there chatting made no effort to make eye contact or get me to stop. I had my drivers license in my hand and was ready to show it.

Sep 25 : 06:39pm
Gunshots in Crestline. I have the helicopter circling my house. Anyone have any info? Thank you.

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Squatch, I pick up mail for a number of my DTH owners just for that reason 😉 (Sep 25 : 08:40pm)

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USFS: #ElDoradoFireCommunity meeting for mountain residents in Angelus Oaks tomo (Sep 25 : 08:17pm)

Posted by SCM ALERT🚨 in NEWS
USFS: #ELDORADOFIRE Acres: 22,616 Containment: 83% Personnel: 644Injuries: 13 Fa (Sep 25 : 07:18pm)

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USFS: #ElDoradoFire Video Update 09/25/20El Dorado Fire Behavior Analyst Lauren (Sep 25 : 07:18pm)

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USFS: #ElDoradoFire Video Update 09/25/20El Dorado Fire Planning Section Chief B (Sep 25 : 06:17pm)

Posted by SCM ALERT🚨 in NEWS
EL DORADO FIRE UPDATE FRI 9/25The El Dorado Fire is at 22,604 acres and is 81% c (Sep 25 : 06:15pm)

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