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La Cocina de Mexico in Lucerne

Author Post
Tue May 02 2017, 04:44PM Email Thread Print View

Registered Member #108
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 07:51AM
Posts: 43
We stopped for tacos today at the Lucerne Valley location of La Cocina de Mexico (aka The Yellow Place). I am very happy to report that the food is delicious & fresh. We both got carnitas tacos which are our lunch time favorite - no disappointment there. The menu & prices are the same as in Big Bear. The new place is clean, the owner is friendly just as he was when he was up here. His family is running the restaurant in Big Bear now & we have eaten there many times since the new place was opened. It will definitely be a stop before heading up the hill whenever we are in Lucerne. It is a small place, just west of Cafe 247. It is in the same building as the Cattleman's Cafe Pasta & Pizza. I had no idea there was such a restaurant row along there! We eat at Adelitas occasionally (they have beer) and the China House sometimes as well. Have yet to try Kallins or the other pizza place.

When you do a foolish thing, do it like you mean it
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Craig ⭐
Tue May 02 2017, 05:19PM

Total Eclipse 2017 Casper WY

Joined: Fri Aug 18 2006, 05:50PM
Posts: 11010
Very Cool Srndpte! Didn't even know they had a place down there. Will definitely have to give it a shot!

Winter can leave now... Lets try to get above 50 degrees???
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Tue Jan 23 2018, 12:55PM
John Acosta
Registered Member #2033
Joined: Fri Jan 22 2010, 11:28AM
Posts: 112
I truly feel that Cocina de Mexico in Big Bear City (across from the fire department) has the best tacos in the valley!
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Gutter Duster
Tue Jan 23 2018, 05:01PM

gutter duster
Registered Member #2366
Joined: Sun Jan 09 2011, 06:27PM
Posts: 289
I’m hoping that they have improved their “Tamales”. It’s been sometime but I was very unsatisfied with the quality with the ones that I purchased.
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Sun Jan 28 2018, 01:47PM

Registered Member #108
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 07:51AM
Posts: 43
Yeah, I don't care for their tamales either, too much masa & very little filling (in my opinion) but everything else we have tried has been delicious. Hubby has the habit bad - can't go without a couple of carnitas tacos for lunch at least twice a week. 🌮😜

When you do a foolish thing, do it like you mean it
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Sun Jan 28 2018, 06:51PM

Registered Member #2093
Joined: Fri Mar 12 2010, 11:24PM
Posts: 1193
El Coyote Loco has good Mexican food and a nice place to sit inside. They taco salad bowls are yummm! Down by the Burger Depot - home of the best onion rings in San Berdoo county!
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Hi All! Does anyone have any recommendations for an electrician in BBL? We are looking to run power for a new outdoor light and a new outlet today or tomorrow.

Dec 06 : 11:04am
I am gonna put in a bid for more sunshine & helicopters. The snow has melted off quite nicely herein.

Dec 06 : 10:18am
17 years? Wow! Bet you never figured that would last so long when you started this. And you still provide essential services to this community!

Dec 06 : 09:00am
HBDay SCM & admins


Dec 06 : 08:55am
What Sned said...except the dinner part!

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Dec 06 : 08:38am
SCM...... Happy Birthday! One more year and you will be of legal age! So....Be cool, Stay in school and Say no to drugs! Enjoy dinner on MrOwl!!

Cap'n Crunch
Dec 06 : 07:47am
Ditto bernermom! Craig and all the administrators have a lot to be proud of and we are all very thankful for what they have done.

Dec 06 : 07:36am
SCM...Happy Birthday and know that you reach homes from Crestline all the way to Big Bear...quite an accomplishment!!!! Thank you!!

Dec 06 : 07:29am
Happy Birthday SCM! 😘

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Dec 06 : 06:47am
Congratulations and thank you for all the info you put out for our community.

Dec 06 : 05:58am
Congratulations! And thank you for 17 years of service to the Community!

Dec 06 : 05:30am
Today turns 17 years old! Thank you all for your support to make this site possible!

Dec 06 : 05:10am
Badger glad you have had your power restored!

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