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USFS Reduces fire restrictions for the San Bernardino National Forest

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Tue Dec 04 2018, 07:23PM Email Thread Print View

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Joined: Wed Dec 26 2007, 08:50PM
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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Recent and incoming winter weather has prompted officials with San Bernardino National Forest to reduce fire restrictions beginning Wed., Dec. 5, 2018. The new restrictions mean:

• Campfires will again be allowed at all U.S. Forest Service campgrounds on the forest. Most of them, however, are currently closed for the winter season, but fires at yellow-post sites (semi-developed campsites) are now allowed where a Forest Service-provided fire ring is present. Campfires outside official fire rings are not allowed on the San Bernardino National Forest under these restrictions.

• Target shooting will also be allowed at designated areas. Visitors participating in this activity must check the daily fire danger rating at 909-383-2997 and listen for the area they plan to shoot within. They must use the correct types of firearms, ammunition and targets and pick up all targets, casings and any other trash before leaving. Target shooting information can be found on the forest’s target shooting guide.

See attached Forest Service Order Below:


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Tue Dec 04 2018, 07:28PM
Registered Member #12154
Joined: Fri Jul 17 2015, 11:25PM
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That's great, now that the forest and all campsites are closed off for winter. Actually i don't mind being home by a nice fire with a nice crockpot of something hot and good. Close enough to camping butcwith all the modern inconveniences...

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Wed Dec 05 2018, 08:38PM

Joined: Sat Aug 19 2006, 06:01PM
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Yellow Post sites are still open!
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Jan 21 : 10:45pm
Back in '15. The best since I've been out here {Dec. 1985...} was back in 1993.............even snowed out the Atlanta NASCAR race......tho I kept saying they could have had the race, but on snowmobiles! lol

Polar Orbit
Jan 21 : 10:20pm
Hey shovelhead, when was that? I lose track of the years.

Jan 21 : 10:12pm
And "Snowjam" was fun!
I think I posted some pics here from what we got. I'm about 45miles NE of Atl.

Jan 21 : 10:10pm
Speaking of chains...PO just pulled mine!
As a former BB/UTH resident I always lmao at they way folks down here panic if they forecast 4 flakes and a sleet pellet.
What the hell milk, bread and TP have to do with surviving winter is IDK, but you can guarantee that the shelves will be empty! lol
Then.....there's the driving/lack of driving skills. That's another gut buster of a laugh-fest!
I rode a Harley chopper to Chad's almost daily in the snow w/no probs. Have done the same here in NE Ga and folks look at me in amazement {or is that speechless for my insanity? lol}
Now I'm old and have stepped out of the saddle and have a 4x4 Ford Ranger. They're forecasting possible snow here this weekend....bring it on! My Ranger and our winch are looking to make some extra $$$.

Jan 21 : 09:52pm
Is there a lot of ice on the road this morning was a little bit by boulder bay n the lake

Polar Orbit
Jan 21 : 09:46pm
Was it about three years when Atlanta got 2 to 3 inches of snow and it paralyzed the city for a week?

Jan 21 : 09:42pm
I always feel a pain in my left side before an earthquake.

Jan 21 : 09:34pm
Ssj....very true somehow we all managed to drive fairly safely no matter when you saw a plow or didn’t.

Jan 21 : 09:14pm
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Benny (N6BWX)
Jan 21 : 09:04pm
BBCPMF90 I think SSJ was actually downplaying it saying it wasn't that catastrophic.
I would say his timing was spot on!

Benny (N6BWX)
Jan 21 : 09:02pm
So true SSJ, someone sneezes and we got us a mess on our hands! It's just the increase in population and resulting traffic...

Jan 21 : 08:53pm
FYI -- Chains Required Banner is still up but if you click on it you will see there are only 3 spots that have requirements and they are on the SR-173 and SR-189. All other roads are open with no chain restrictions.

Jan 21 : 08:31pm
Funny how back in 80s and 90s the plows would rarely go down your street, 75% of residents own a 2wd. People like my dad who would lie to chain control and tell them our used bald tires were snow rated. No traction control on cars, and yet everyone still got around. 38 and 18 backway never had chain control stations... back then R2 got rolled out only when the was over 6in. Crazy how times have changed.

Jan 21 : 08:14pm
We had family up for the weekend and left about 5 o’clock went through fine scan done 330 and it took us a little over two hours. Actually not as bad as I expected. That’s what you get for traveling on these holiday weekends, next year my husband and I are going to take the Tuesday off also so we can miss this traffic!

Jan 21 : 07:43pm
Sounds more like people who either past the limits of their skills or their automobiles. Both accounts in the chat box made it down successfully so obviously it CAN be done.

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