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Apollo 8 - 50 Years Later

Author Post
Wed Dec 12 2018, 03:44PM Email Thread Print View

It's been 50 years and counting...
Registered Member #30
Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 12:59PM
Posts: 1515
Even after 50 years this picture still gets to me.

And if you're curious about the launch vehicle, here's a very clear picture of all the companies involved.

"A sad day is seeing Big Bear in your rear view mirror" - @llen

" A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money" -attributed to Everett Dirksen

"If God wanted us to vote, He should have provided candidates." - The Kingston Trio
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Wed Dec 12 2018, 08:11PM

Joined: Sat Aug 19 2006, 06:01PM
Posts: 12775
That is definitely an awesome picture showing the Earth that small!
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Polar Orbit
Thu Dec 13 2018, 02:40PM
Registered Member #14051
Joined: Thu Mar 16 2017, 06:32PM
Posts: 131
Would be an amazing view. Nothing on the moon for size reference, but the earth would look four times bigger than the moon looks to us. Assuming of course, that the distance from the earth to the moon is the same as the distance from the moon to the earth.
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Craig (KJ6BCM)
Thu Dec 13 2018, 06:37PM

Total Eclipse 2017 Casper WY

Joined: Fri Aug 18 2006, 05:50PM
Posts: 10956
Awesome stuff Dave!!

Winter can leave now... Lets try to get above 50 degrees???
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Thu Dec 13 2018, 07:55PM

Joined: Sat Aug 19 2006, 06:01PM
Posts: 12775
Polar Orbit wrote ...

Assuming of course, that the distance from the earth to the moon is the same as the distance from the moon to the earth.

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Feb 17 : 11:41am
BB has linguini with clam sauce, beef stew and chili!
Wow on trip to Staters.We have all these visitors driving up,where did they go? Aliens get em?Dont want that,Ive heard of these colonoscopy's the Aliens do to you.

Desert Way Jay
Feb 17 : 11:38am
booboo looks like my tummy jumped the gun. I see BBNona is making made linguini with clam sauce, beef stew and chili! Great cooking weather!

Feb 17 : 11:36am
Fawnskindawn,what channel for the 500?

Desert Way Jay
Feb 17 : 11:34am
booboo What's on the menu at BBNona's house? lol I'm making a big pot of Thai coconut soup with all the fixins over here at BB Mamaw's house. hehe

Desert Way Jay
Feb 17 : 11:32am
Just had the best shopping experience at Stater Bros. EVER! Easy parking, hardly anyone in the store, no lines. Seemed like mostly locals. Nice convo with cashier Ms. Sherry who just got her electricity and cable back on in Fawnskin.

Feb 17 : 11:27am
Now it is time For the Daytona 500

Feb 17 : 11:27am
Well said Benny.

Benny (N6BWX)
Feb 17 : 11:22am
If you want to post productive suggestions to help people that's awesome, we're all for it and that's what this is for! But the past few days has been nothing but whining about traffic and how much Big Bear sucks and how glad folks are to be moving out. Do whatcha go to do, the rest of us are moving forward with or without you to try and create a resolution that will better our valley for everyone.

Feb 17 : 11:10am
Dinner at BBNona's house.

FF Mac
Feb 17 : 11:06am

I get that, but people coming up here and that live DTH need to see these conversations so they know what go’s on up here from a local’s perspective so they know what creates issues. I see it as an educational tool. I’ve been using this site since 2007 and I use it because I know I can have those conversations with other locals in an easy and quick way. Navigating deep into the website to post something that 10% of people go see is pointless in my humble opinion, but whatever man.....will do.

Feb 17 : 11:05am
More Info: Click Here
Live Scanner: Click Here

Feb 17 : 10:59am
Quiet,slow day in Crestline.Main streets low traffic and look good on the cams.Sky getting grey,sun in and out.Very quiet holiday weekend.

Feb 17 : 10:56am
So sorry. I asked an honest question. I have seen all kinds of lengthy convo's on here so I wasn't sure why some were ok and some weren't. I'd never seen anyone told to move their convo elsewhere until this weekend. There aren't any rules posted so the only way to find out is to ask questions. Didn't mean to upset anyone. No more questions!

Feb 17 : 10:55am
Thanks for that info Benny. Ice dams urgg.

Benny (N6BWX)
Feb 17 : 10:55am
Good chance Vegas will see snow again tonight.

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