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BBARC Repeater Outage

Author Post
Craig ⭐
Sat Jan 19 2019, 05:26PM Email Thread Print View

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FYI - BBARC HAM Repeater Users.
The BBARC repeaters at the top of Bear Peak went down last week during the storm. The club is planning to make a repair trip on Thursday. Backup repeaters until the fix are: 147.225+ 162.2 and 446.400- 162.2

Winter can leave now... Lets try to get above 50 degrees???
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Sat Jan 19 2019, 09:11PM

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I wonder if all the equipment is down. I have a transmitter up there for our airport equipment.
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Sun Jan 20 2019, 09:22PM

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Wingnutty, are you having an issue with your equipment??

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Craig ⭐
Apr 23 : 07:59pm
Hey Mountain Lvr!!! Hope you are doing well... Wait, where are you these days???

Apr 23 : 07:38pm
I miss you Big Bear ❤️ Hi everyone!

Apr 23 : 06:51pm
A.R.....even though Grout Creek and a few other lake feeders are still flowing, volume is such that we`re looking at a few more inches max...
The good news is that you don`t have to extend the gangway/dock out nearly as far to get to proper depth this year!

Airport Razz
Apr 23 : 06:11pm
Hey Lake People. As it is so nice to see blue at the east end once again, what are the chances we will get another couple of feet in the next month or so. Would so love to put new owners dock out for the first time in 6 years???????

Airport Razz
Apr 23 : 06:09pm
NSA, from another former scouter, Kudos on so many years of service and you are still going strong. Just goes to show that it just a couple of morons followed by and idiot or two to really fowl it up for the good ones and for the kids. An experience I would never want to forgo.

Cap'n Crunch
Apr 23 : 03:57pm

Cap'n Crunch
Apr 23 : 03:56pm
Only one more inch this week. I'm rooting for three more inches to reach an evel 63 foot lake level!

Apr 23 : 03:30pm
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Live Scanner: Click Here

Apr 23 : 02:12pm
Was a scout leader for my two boys (both earned eagle rank) and the rest of the troop of about 70 boys. Was the cooking merit badge counselor, led 12 summer camps (one to Crater Lake, OR another to Philmont Scout Ranch NM), had a group of 11 Tiger Cubs (1st graders) of which 7 earned eagle. Also won 7 adult Golden Spoon camp cooking awards! Our troop (Fullerton 1201) was formed 1919.

Apr 23 : 01:59pm
The Boy Scout hullabaloo is a lawyer trying to make a name for themselves. So the BOA had a list of suspected child predators? So does AYSO and any other organization that puts adults in contact with children (except maybe the Catholic Church). They didn't let them have anything to do with kids. Should they have published the names without a trial? NO.

Apr 23 : 01:02pm
I was a scout too, looking at my eagle scout plaque now. Learned so much about the outdoors and all the stuff i love to do, some of it was not easy and really character building, but always fun. I was friends with my scoutmaster and his family for over forty years til he passed away up here a couple of years back...

Heli logging above the village all day, landing the logs at the old snow forest parking lot...

Apr 23 : 11:42am
Hill Fire Had No Growth Overnight And Remains At 1 Acre. Grounds Resources Along With Aircraft (conditions Permitting) Will Continue Suppression Efforts Today. Moderate Winds Are Expected In The Area Of The Fire Today Which May Hamper Aircraft Operations. More Info: [Click Here]

Apr 23 : 11:39am
So sad, a great American institution.
I was a scout, nothing but great times, and a little poison oak.

Apr 23 : 11:33am
Saw that article this morning. Geez... widespread abuse..

Apr 23 : 11:07am
Guess this will be the end of the boy scouts

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