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Early Planting tips and tricks

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Author Post
Sun Feb 16 2020, 07:13AM
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A variety called Cold Set has been my go-to for a decade. There's nothing fancy about the tomatoes themselves (except they are delicious) but the plants are reliable, suited for our short growing season, can handle "a light frost", and I've harvested well into November most years. I started my seeds in the sunroom a couple of weeks ago and they're about 2-3 inches. On very cold nights I turn on a heat mat for them but other than that they're on their own. I'll probably transfer to the greenhouse in April and into the ground in May (that's when the "frost tolerant" part comes into play, they've always made it through our late season surprises). Good luck! I find growing from seed quite fun.
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Apr 10 : 11:51am
Quakes, As said, don't plant before Mother's Day and I've seen it snow several times on/around father's day but those snows usually don't freeze plants and melt fast if they stick at all!

Apr 10 : 11:25am
I'd pay $100 for pay per view of Bristol, baby

Apr 10 : 11:24am
WEATHER UPDATE: Big Bear City is now reporting SNOW. Temp 33F

Apr 10 : 11:22am
Don't get a deleted chatbox. Say no mo'.


Apr 10 : 11:21am
Leading it to the swamp.

Apr 10 : 11:18am
He is leading our country pretty damn good.

Apr 10 : 11:18am
Me too MtMan.

Apr 10 : 11:16am
Trump is growing on me as of late. Not a bad address just now.

Seriously, 100-200 yards visibility. Yeah slush snow.

Apr 10 : 11:14am
Rain, Snow, sunshine, etc. whatever, I enjoy it all.

Apr 10 : 11:05am
Yup, bad timing. Feel for all the boarders & skiers that can't enjoy it. I 🙏 all of the maniacs stay dth this weekend and don't try to come play in the snow!😡

Apr 10 : 11:02am
All this snow is Mother Natures sick joke.

Apr 10 : 11:01am
Its STILL snowing here in Crestline. We are at 4880 ft and I am amazed that we got so much more last night. We're at 7" so far. 🤦‍♀️

Apr 10 : 10:59am
Never plant before Mother's Day

Apr 10 : 10:56am
I just hope this latest storm is not killing all the flowers. I am relatively new here compared to you guys(been here 7 years). This seems crazy for the month of April. I know there must have been longer Winters up here than this in the past. When it comes to typical mountain climates, it snows 8 months out of the year, depending how high up they are.

Apr 10 : 10:52am
That hiking 🚶 is for our youth to do! Chair 9, bmr

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