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Recommendations please - weekend rental for non-profit meeting

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Tue May 28 2019, 05:49PM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #112
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 05:44PM
Posts: 274
It's for a group of non-profit charter school volunteers to meet and exchange ideas. About a dozen adults. Probably for the first or second week of January. Keep in mind, it's a non-profit, so budget friendly with decent indoor space to meet.

Your recommendations will be much appreciated!
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Sun Jun 02 2019, 08:20AM
John Acosta
Registered Member #2033
Joined: Fri Jan 22 2010, 11:28AM
Posts: 112
Try the Big Bear Airport
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Sun Jun 02 2019, 03:42PM

Registered Member #2093
Joined: Fri Mar 12 2010, 11:24PM
Posts: 1183
Many of the churches have meeting spaces for rent. If you want accommodtions then things get narrower- Presbyterian Conference Ground, Pine Summit. Some of the camps off 38 do Science Camps in the winter weekdays so they might have something available on a weekend. Otherwise check in with Big Bear Cabins and see what they recommend.
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Skyline Drive
Wed Jun 05 2019, 01:42PM

Registered Member #191
Joined: Tue Dec 05 2006, 06:43AM
Posts: 2730
PHR I think are not allowed to have events/meetings

Apples Bed and Breakfast

Vintage Lake Side

Used to be Wawona Lodge. It has the Wine Room and a bar. located across from Mac Donald’s. Wine and teachers at a meeting might be a good thing.

Cedar Lake has a nice hall.

I hope the Indian head test pattern avatar makes the P.C. snowflakes melt
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Polar Orbit
Wed Jun 05 2019, 09:52PM
Registered Member #14051
Joined: Thu Mar 16 2017, 06:32PM
Posts: 212
You are booking into what could/should be prime ski/board season for a non skiing event. Think about other options.

Don't blame me! I was left unsupervised!
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Mon Jun 10 2019, 01:38PM

Registered Member #14723
Joined: Tue Mar 13 2018, 08:35AM
Posts: 10
Try the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center. They have an area called Hofert Hall that is available to rent at a low rate to non-profit groups. You can contact them at bblpac© or 909-866-5831.
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Mon Jun 10 2019, 01:49PM
Registered Member #112
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 05:44PM
Posts: 274
Thanks for all the suggestions - quite a few I hadn't thought of! They will also need a place to stay because it's a two day event. Polar, good point - not the best time to have inexperienced flatlanders driving up. Will share all this info with the group & see what they want to do.
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Airport Razz
Oct 17 : 08:43pm
Got my property tax bill couple days ago and have to say I'm fairly pissed off. CSD services provided now in no way comparable to before so reduction of services with NO deduction in tax bill. Seems some Americans threw some tea in a harbor for similar BS. Thanks for not nothing CSD

Craig ⭐
Oct 17 : 08:21pm
Fire sent a response to Fawnskin for smell of smoke with ashes visible. Link: [Click Here]

Benny ⭐
Oct 17 : 08:17pm
Nothing going on, probably a neighbors fireplace and seeing gnats or somethin...

Oct 17 : 07:37pm
What part of fawnskin?

Oct 17 : 06:54pm
I'm smelling smoke and seeing bits of ash in Fawnskin. Is anyone else?

Oct 17 : 06:05pm
By the by. Just received our Property Tax Bill. Don’t mind just make it so we can use the services.

Oct 17 : 06:04pm
Open letter to BBCSD
Hoping that Big Bear City will enact a new area where those of us who can’t use the new trash bins because of being part-timers and not wanting to leave it out from Sunday to Tuesday for animals to tip can use when we leave to drop off our trash in a safe place. Especially since we are paying for it on our taxes and only use it occasionally Please just a thought. Transfer station put some dumpsters out front for easier drop off or the main office could have some dumpsters for us to use Thanks

Oct 17 : 04:32pm
Whats wrong? Cat got your tongue?

Oct 17 : 03:52pm

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Skyline Drive
Oct 17 : 12:38pm
The annual homeowner rental bills are in the mail, property tax

Oct 17 : 12:29pm

Oct 16 : 09:03pm
Felt bad for the driver. Gotta be the worst! He was doing his best but obviously had never been up 18 and had NO idea how sharp that upper hairpin really is.

Oct 16 : 09:02pm
Anyone hear anything about the semi stuck on the hairpins this morning? I was a few cars back. Watched the non-thinking person in front of me try to pass a car so she could squeeze through. (no chance!) That car blocked her or it could have been worse!

Oct 16 : 07:04pm
I don't know, not me, all Baldwin was out about 20-30 minutes.

Oct 16 : 07:02pm
Doooooo what caused it?

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