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Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms over Big Bear Lake

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Tue Sep 03 2019, 12:55PM Email Thread Print View

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Joined: Wed Dec 26 2007, 08:50PM
Posts: 3148
Thunderstorms and pockets of Heavy Rain are falling within the Big Bear Valley. Here is a photo of a downpour taking place on Big Bear North Shore near Stanfield Cutoff. Photo taken from Bear Mountain Ski Resort. Its VERY active out there as of 12:45PM......

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Tue Sep 03 2019, 12:57PM

Registered Member #13568
Joined: Sun Oct 23 2016, 01:54PM
Posts: 1497
Cool shot!

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Deb Doodah⭐
Tue Sep 03 2019, 01:09PM

Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 01:02PM
Posts: 3834
Wow - that is a great picture!!
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Tue Sep 03 2019, 02:13PM

Registered Member #13
Joined: Mon Sep 25 2006, 08:14PM
Posts: 3121
It was so great I shared it!😃
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Tue Sep 03 2019, 02:40PM

Kaagwaantaan Tlingit
Registered Member #14258
Joined: Tue Jun 20 2017, 09:19PM
Posts: 186
Great pic!!

When you’re happy you enjoy the music, when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.
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Tue Sep 03 2019, 02:44PM

wanna be UTH
Registered Member #4616
Joined: Sat Jul 28 2012, 04:37PM
Posts: 2299
looks almost nuclear

A smile is a curve that can set things a lot of things straight
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Polar Orbit
Tue Sep 03 2019, 03:00PM
Registered Member #14051
Joined: Thu Mar 16 2017, 06:32PM
Posts: 223
Mostly on the north shore. Here by Butcher's Block, we got a few drops from that one. Great shot though.

Don't blame me! I was left unsupervised!
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Tue Sep 03 2019, 05:08PM

Registered Member #1977
Joined: Mon Dec 07 2009, 01:27PM
Posts: 137
I’m pretty sure that one went over us. We were at the shooting areas out past Camp whittle and had a good 30-35 minutes of huge downpour lots of thunder close lightning and even hail. It was a good show for sure and it was nice to get all that water into the forest. It did rain us out of shooting for the day though.
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Tue Sep 03 2019, 05:12PM

Registered Member #1977
Joined: Mon Dec 07 2009, 01:27PM
Posts: 137
On another note after the thunderstorm passed by there was a dark gray/black helicopter flying around out there appeared to have one of those long, is it a fuel nozzle, sticking straight out the front of it. Would that kind of helicopter be doing reconnaissance for lightning strike fires? Or were they out there doing something else?
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©ammy ⭐
Tue Sep 03 2019, 05:36PM

Joined: Sat Aug 19 2006, 06:01PM
Posts: 13097
There were 3 small fires, likely started by lightning, this afternoon around the Big Bear area.

  • Loaf Fire on the north side of Sugarloaf Mountain: 2 trees involved, small amount of ground fire, surrounded by rocks.

  • Bertha Fire near Bertha Peak: single tree involved.

  • Dusen Fire above Van Dusen Canyon Road: 1/10 of an acre burned.

Forest Service fire personnel are on scene of all 3 small fires.

(Click on image to enlarge)

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Benny ⭐
Nov 17 : 10:28am
Doohickey, when I lived out by you, I recorded some of the coldest temperature I've experienced just a couple hundred feet below you, Baldwin is almost always colder than everyone. Because of your elevation, being that high up you're probably feeling the affects of the inversion!

Craig ⭐
Nov 17 : 09:55am
Happy Birthday KJC! I had a period in the 80s where I had a metal detector. It was fun but I can't say I found anything very exciting. Was at the beach so maybe not the right place

Nov 17 : 09:28am
Happy Birthday KJC!

Nov 17 : 08:54am
Doo-That little breeze is warming things up most likely because it is my Birthday. Taking my Grandson to church today because he asked to go-3 years old. Going to start taking him on some hikes he seems ready to go, get him into running early. I bought a metal detector-we are going to have some great times together.. I'm 67 today, Have a great Day!

Nov 17 : 08:30am
Good morning everyone. Have a great day!

Nov 17 : 06:29am
So weird. My WX [Click Here]

Nov 17 : 06:26am
G'morning, why at East Baldwin, at times, it is so much warmer? I have a 1/2 dozen other outdoor temp gauges strategically placed and couple of 1" full opened water bottles, that are shaked if not frozen. We froze yesterday night, winds were from the NE mostly all night.

Craig ⭐
Nov 17 : 12:09am
Highly unlikely QuantumBear. Unless something changes I don't think there will be enough snowmaking hours to have anything ready by this weekend.

Nov 16 : 09:55pm
skiing next Saturday ?
looks like good blowing weather coming plus a shot from nature, hmm.

army police
Nov 16 : 09:36pm
thank you carter

Nov 16 : 09:33pm
Hopefully you guys get a good snow!

army police
Nov 16 : 09:26pm
hello everybody

Benny ⭐
Nov 16 : 08:58pm
Thanks, you too!!!!

Nov 16 : 08:51pm
Thank you speak and it happens....just like magic!!!! Have a great Sunday.

Benny ⭐
Nov 16 : 08:15pm
Yes Berner! This is the kind of storm that may drop more rain down your way. But everyone should get some decent precipitation!

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