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Red Pear Tree Leaves

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Mon Oct 07 2019, 07:09PM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #48183
Joined: Tue Mar 05 2019, 10:01AM
Posts: 52
Every year, for the past twenty-five or so, the pear tree leaves have turned bright yellow and faded to yellow/brown before falling off in autumn. This year, they are turning bright red. Does anybody have any idea what this means?

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Dec 14 : 12:03am
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

Dec 13 : 09:58pm
Hey Benny- how many years are included in getting our seasonal averages?

Dec 13 : 08:06pm
I might ski on the 21st. Hoping for some snow. Maybe BB will beat the 80 inch total from last year.

Dec 13 : 07:53pm
There are times and locations for branch drop off lake gregory 12/21 from 9 to 3. And 12/28. other places have other dates and times and there is curb side pickup when you reguest a pickup on other dates lookup cal fire wood chipping and SBCoFD good luck

Dec 13 : 07:33pm
Elkster, fireplace?

Benny ⭐
Dec 13 : 07:23pm
Considering we're almost halfway to our seasonal average for snowfall and it's not even winter yet, I'd say we're doing ok. There will be more storms, probably just an inch tomorrow night if that. We could get at least a few more inches later next week then possible a bigger storm around Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. So we're headed back into a wet pattern through the 1st of the year!

Dec 13 : 07:23pm
What are we to do with all these branches that have fallen over all our properties?

Dec 13 : 06:59pm
Is there a service to pick up the fallen branches from the back yard for free. That being said I would bring the branches to the front of the house for pickup.

Dec 13 : 06:30pm
I’m with you Quakes! We need a break!

Dec 13 : 05:52pm

Dec 13 : 05:50pm
Bear is open daily now.

Dec 13 : 05:33pm
I just wish 3-4 inches was falling tomorrow night rather than a quarter inch.

Airport Razz
Dec 13 : 05:29pm
Was not aware that illegal sewer hookups were a problem. I would think one of such a mind set would just dig a hole in the back yard for a black water pit.

Dec 13 : 05:19pm
@PasadenaCarter, I think this last storm was enough for now. Plus we had a lot of rain last week. I hope the next system of snow will go easier on us.

Mtngoat John⭐
Dec 13 : 05:13pm
Very carefully Ben, very carefully

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