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From Bens Weather:
@Davey_Sojourner Couple claps of thunder down in HB a bit

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Fri Feb 21 2020, 07:54PM Email Thread Print View

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Joined: Wed Dec 26 2007, 08:50PM
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From Bens Weather:
@Davey_Sojourner Couple claps of thunder down in HB a bit ago!

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Apr 01 : 12:03am
Sky Line Drive
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

Mar 31 : 11:52pm
Oh - And I’ve decided to hyphenate my name.

Mar 31 : 11:49pm
Picked up this life hack from my good friend Jim (retired fire Cpt). He says hey, really, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and sanitize the bottom of your shoes before you walk in the house. Jim explained that when people sneeze (I think my Border Collie does this too) they always sneeze on the ground. So - put about a half inch of water/bleach 2/1 solution on a cookie sheet and step in that and then step on an old towel to dry. This will kill any of that pesky virus on your shoes. Thanks Jim.

Mar 31 : 10:07pm
Thank you for the update Between the Stars! Good to know!

Between ⭐️S
Mar 31 : 10:06pm
A email response from the BBMWD. I asked about shore fishing. This is the responce— Shore fishing is still allowed. Please keep safe distancing.

Mar 31 : 10:03pm
Thank you Huge! I would be ecstatic if we could keep the controversial and elongated discussions to the various FORUM areas that fit the topic. My hat off to you Huge for helping lead this transition. Wait, I am a robot so I don't have a hat, but I do have a removable arm! Arms off to you my friend!

Mar 31 : 09:53pm
Let's channel comments about my post from Chatbox and share our opinions under GENERAL DISCUSSION/ Lake closure. I love you all!

Metcalf Man
Mar 31 : 09:51pm
Hib, No need to replace anything. Just pay it forward!

Mar 31 : 09:44pm
Moco, ive seen a couple of several hour battles between the eagles and the seagulls over a trout. I lost a fish a few years back that triggered a three hour fight between the two species over who gets to eat the fish...
Also, kudos to metcalfman for his generous offer, i have several slip bobbers for ya and ill repay the tp soon as i can find some, that they who need it can access some...

Mar 31 : 09:33pm
on a side note, has anyone noticed many more gulls this year than in the past. I don't remember seeing manhy at all, and baker pond is full of them.

Metcalf Man
Mar 31 : 09:32pm
As much as I would like to put my boat in the water it would expose ramp workers, quagga inspectors and the like. You have to admit social distancing is impossible on a boat. So I guess it’s time to put on a new roof.

Mar 31 : 09:27pm
people will fill a pontoon boat and party, then what? a few months of patience is better than the alternative.

Airport Razz
Mar 31 : 09:27pm
Stating such not to upset anyone. Just time to take shelter at home seriously and to the letter. For my owners, that doesn't mean come up here for 3days because city just to much, infect the valley then go home. Or catch it here take back to your friends and neighbors. Disregard for fellow Americans might be the American way but what about loved ones and good friends. I guess there not important enough as long as there is personal Gratification. I don't see that as fair to us that are making the sacrifice. If out of line then so be it. I fear for what will be left of society. The rule of the few, yippee ki yay

Airport Razz
Mar 31 : 09:20pm
Isolated on the lake in a boat. Hmmm, how many people due you have contact with and/or impact in the process of getting isolated on the boat and getting back off the lake. If it's more than 1 that would be considered irresponsible ❓❓

Between ⭐️S
Mar 31 : 09:15pm
Dashboard now has it listed:
Big Bear Lake. 1
Big Bear City. 1

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and all I wanted was to self isolate on the lake with my boat and the fish!! (Mar 31 : 09:59pm)

Posted by ©ammy ⭐ in GENERAL DISCUSSION
Probably not really what you were looking for, but here are some pictures of it (Mar 31 : 08:11pm)

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SCM COVID-19 BY THE NUMBERSMARCH 31, 2020 AT 6PM------------------------------ - (Mar 31 : 06:14pm)

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FROM THE CITY OF BIG BEAR LAKE: RT @CAgovernor: Groceries & pharmacy visits (Mar 31 : 05:19pm)

Posted by SCM ALERT🚨 in NEWS
FROM THE CITY OF BIG BEAR LAKE: **CORONAVIRUS UPDATE**The @SBCountyPH dashboard (Mar 31 : 05:19pm)

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