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virus pandemonia

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Author Post
Fri May 22 2020, 10:14AM

Registered Member #611
Joined: Fri Sep 14 2007, 02:32PM
Posts: 35
Just really curious... how much does it cost to spend a day or two in an ICU? Last time I had to pay the hospital bill for a two day stay, broken ribs, flailed chest and collar bone. Nothing they could do about that but watch. Cost me $17,000 but that wasn’t ICU. I understand some patients are in ICU for 60 days. 70% are not old. Sure good the economy is opening so those bills get paid so long as it isn’t those who think they are immune or their family members or their close friends. I understand cremation is relatively cheap. It’s just those darned hospital bills. I know .... just ignore those too. 😊
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Fri May 22 2020, 07:46PM

Registered Member #106
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 05:53AM
Posts: 1065
All school graduations have been canceled because of the virus. The government doesn't want large groups of people in the same area. This sucks for the seniors. They have worked their butts off to cross the stage. So here is a solution. Have the grad's go to Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes in the cap & gown and they can have their name called on the PA.
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Sat May 23 2020, 11:19PM

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Joined: Wed Dec 26 2007, 08:50PM
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Moved from chatbox
May 23 : 10:13pm
Blame the city for the bare shelves, they are the ones that opened up the floodgates without thinking about the chain of supply. Thanks morons.

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Sat May 23 2020, 11:34PM
Registered Member #13171
Joined: Thu Jul 14 2016, 06:21PM
Posts: 70
Respectfully of course MtMan, you can't have it both ways. On one hand you're arguing about our freedom and rights to get back to normal, then once we do you complain about that. So how I understand you know is, instead of the freedom to go surfing or going to the mountains on a nice holiday weekend, we should in fact be locked back down and living in fear? Which is it?
And by the way, the County of San Bernardino received approval from the Governor to re-open restaurants and retails shops anyway, so what the City did really made no difference in the end.

Tue May 12 2020, 11:11PM
And there is how to control society......fear. I'm done with living in fear, fear for you and fear for me. Call me what you want, don't care. Our constitutional rights are being trampled. How? Fear. When one gets arrested for simply surfing on an ocean alone or protesting, then freedom is eroded. I want to live in freedom, you know, the freedom guaranteed by God and our constitution. Those of you that want to live in fear? Your choice. I have the right to make mine, I choose freedom.

Moved from chatbox
MtMan wrote ...

May 23 : 10:13pm
Blame the city for the bare shelves, they are the ones that opened up the floodgates without thinking about the chain of supply. Thanks morons.

Billy Jean is at your door.
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Sun May 24 2020, 07:19AM

Registered Member #110
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 12:51PM
Posts: 4861
This was moved from the chatbox. I was responding to a post on someone talking about how they couldn't find things in our stores, hence my comment. Also, the county lifted more restrictions after my post was made, at least, I did not hear about it until after. I guess you may think having bare shelves for residents is normal and ok? I don't think it is good that the stores simply can't be keep up with the extra pressure be at this time. Would you not agree?
Hope this clarifies things for you. Pretty simple.

Shut Up and Fish!
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Sun May 24 2020, 08:30AM

Registered Member #42113
Joined: Tue Jan 29 2019, 08:25AM
Posts: 184
In my memory, our 2 grocery stores here have always been temporarily wiped out every 3 day weekend. .. we just plan ahead and get necessities a couple days in advance. We learned to always keep a stock of essentials in our larder from when we lived up in Northern Montana, where winter storms regularly wiped out supply chains for weeks at a time. Just part of living in a fluid world......only in the very latest modern times have humans given up taking care for themselves, I believe from the advent and proliferation of the supermarkets from around the 50's. Especially more so in urban areas.

We have always been preppers, relying on planning that includes asking questions like "how do we survive if the "Big One"(San Andreas)hits in the middle of winter takes out our gas lines and roads, and electrical lines coming up the hill, and what about ground shift/faulting in the vally that severs the CSD water lines and they cannot get the material/labor necessary to restore water service....with no way to restock grocery stores, because of the guaranteed wipeouts from rockslides taking out our 3 main routes into Big Bear. Are you going to plan on depending on the goodness of the Natl Guard to airlift emergency food to us?

Lots of questions that ABSOLUTELY MUST be addressed by each individual, to keep their families safe and secure. Which is what 150 years ago in america literally every family through the great expansion already knew how to do. We have become way too soft, relying on others to take care of us, and now are perpetually coddled by govt giving us free S#!+ every time something totally predictable happens. This only works until something truly huge happens, then it is every person for themself. Are you prepared for another CME event like the Carrimgton event? Study of the Sun suggests this happens regularly, and since the last century we had that direct hit, it is a matter of throwing the dice until we get hit again, and grid is permanently destroyed. Our wise govt over the last few decades has decided in its wisdom to offshore all transformer production to China, under the pressure of liberal based environmental rules that made it too prohibitive for US based industry to comply with PCB handling. If they have to rebuild their infrastructure at the same time, guess who is going to be without electricity for a few years...... might be a golden gift to them, where all they have to do is declare their own production a national vital asset, and conveniently let america go back to medieval living, on purpose.
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Mon Jun 01 2020, 08:48PM
Registered Member #13817
Joined: Fri Jan 06 2017, 06:34PM
Posts: 371
[Click Here]

Interesting article that a lot of health experts and politicians are going hate. But like people say, numbers don’t lie
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Fri Jun 05 2020, 03:54PM

Registered Member #13841
Joined: Sat Jan 14 2017, 11:47PM
Posts: 220
Nice unbiased programing
Jun 05 : 12:38pm wrote

Hi All -- I just came across this documentry on PBS (Nova: Decoding COVID-19) that I highly recommend for you to watch. [Click Here]
Thought it would be worthy to copy from chatbox.
Here's a YouTube of it so you can cast it to the big tv [Click Here]
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Fri Jun 05 2020, 04:17PM
Registered Member #13171
Joined: Thu Jul 14 2016, 06:21PM
Posts: 70
Worthy of noting, everyone, or I should say many, many people said Memorial Weekend would destroy us with Covid numbers exploding.

As expected by most, here we are two weeks later and still not a single new reported case over the past month. Sure, there could be a couple cases unknown, but it certainly didn't explode as all the doomsdayers predicted.

In recent weeks, it's important to point out that there has been only 1 new confirmed case in the Big Bear Valley in the past month+, and 0 new cases in the past 25 days. With an increase in visitors to Big Bear over the past 3 weekends and the potential for new community spread, the City is closely monitoring the emergence of new COVID-19 cases in our community, and will continue to do so.

Billy Jean is at your door.
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Fri Jun 05 2020, 05:42PM

wanna be UTH
Registered Member #4616
Joined: Sat Jul 28 2012, 04:37PM
Posts: 2387
The real experiment has begun. There was not much social distancing, hand sanitizer or PPE seen during the protests. Thousands participated nationwide.

Come June 14, we will know.

A smile is a curve that can set things a lot of things straight
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Jun 05 : 07:09pm
Great eccentric music tonight on blues on the (k)bhr.
[Click Here] - Tom Waits - Gun Street Gir
Nice call Mr Rick Bates
less than an hour left

Jun 05 : 05:15pm
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Jun 05 : 05:10pm
Vacuum is out and ready.

Deb Doodah⭐
Jun 05 : 03:49pm
Oh Tlingit just wait. That is what I thought when I first got our cabin. The next morning they all made their presence known. Keep your vacuum handy. 😀

Jun 05 : 02:05pm
Good Stuff! Thank you Mr. Mc Toddy!

Jun 05 : 12:38pm
Hi All -- I just came across this documentry on PBS (Nova: Decoding COVID-19) that I highly recommend for you to watch [Click Here]

Jun 05 : 12:37pm
Few Sprinkles here. Clouds been neat since sun up.

Jun 05 : 12:26pm
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Jun 05 : 12:20pm
Here is the incident for that warehouse that burnt... You can zoom in the map on satellite to see the size of that structure: [Click Here]

Jun 05 : 11:23am
Came up for the weekend. Found about 20 moths. Not bad for being away for 3 or so weeks. Dogs had fun with them. Haven't seen too many flies though.

Jun 05 : 11:03am
I saw them on the Blvd. Man those are some nice vehicles.

Jun 05 : 10:50am
Anybody know anything about the exotic cars racing on North Shore? About 100 of them wow!

Jun 05 : 10:41am
Where can I hire some bears to hang out and address my moth issues?

Jun 05 : 09:42am
In Baldwin here we only get the normal few a night. Benny & Graig's location hasn't had them swarm either.

Jun 05 : 09:14am
DH, that is interesting and may explain why I don't see that many moths in Boulder Bay and see an increasing presence of bears. I say that kind of tongue-in-cheek but who knows.
You're welcome McT.

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