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Natural Gas vs Electric dryer

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Fri Sep 25 2020, 02:26PM Email Thread Print View

Registered Member #165251
Joined: Fri Sep 25 2020, 02:13PM
Posts: 2
Hi, My first post!
I'm going to put washer/dryer combo in a Sugarloaf rental. Is it better to run an electric dryer or gas? I know gas prices from Southwest are high. Does someone out there know the cost differences? Thanks Ken

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Airport Razz
Fri Sep 25 2020, 04:41PM
Registered Member #7434
Joined: Tue Feb 12 2013, 10:07PM
Posts: 567
Still by far cheaper than the bloodsuckers at BVES. Units are cheaper and easier to repair also. In 30+ years I have converted many to gas. ZERO to electric. Don't go cheap as the cheap ones cost as much yo fix as the pricey ones. And if doing a vacation rental get the largest capacity you can fit into the closet. Your cleaning staff will appreciate it and no offsite laundry
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Fri Sep 25 2020, 05:05PM

wanna be UTH
Registered Member #4616
Joined: Sat Jul 28 2012, 04:37PM
Posts: 2423
Welcome aboard! I hope this answers your question

While Southwest gas is expensive, so is BVES electricity. There is a simple calculation to show that gas dryers are cheaper to operate.

The comparison uses my gas and electricity bills, I don't use much so the numbers may be off a bit but you can correct the numbers.

I pay, on average $1.49 per therm for gas ($53.64/36 therms.. I also pay, on average $0.36 per KWhr from BVES ($30.05 / 84 KWhr). Both rates include the taxes and surcharges

A gas GE dryer ($629 at Home Depot) uses 22,000 BTU per hr. There are 100,000 BTU per Therm so the dryer uses 0.22 Terms per hr. To use the gas dryer for 1 hr costs $0.33 (0.22 * $1.49)

The same GE dryer in electric ($539 at Home Depot) uses 5600 watts per hour or 5.6 KWhr per hr or use. To use the electric dryer for 1hr costs $2.02 (5.6 * $0.36)

Gas $0.33 per hr
Electric $2.02 per hr

The electric dryer is $90 less but you would eat the savings after 53 hrs of operation


A smile is a curve that can set things a lot of things straight
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Fri Sep 25 2020, 07:03PM

Registered Member #13843
Joined: Sun Jan 15 2017, 03:54PM
Posts: 245
Something that hasn`t been mentioned and makes a big difference!

There are two different rates for local/resident and part time/non-resident for propane (were county) and I believe electric as well!

I`m guessing if you use a local mailing address for your bills you can get the local rates, which are quite a bit less!

I just wish someone had told us when we moved up here full time several years ago, we paid HUGE bills on both for about a year and a half before we found out about this

Not even sure if that`s legal but ! that`s the way it is....
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Airport Razz
Fri Sep 25 2020, 08:40PM
Registered Member #7434
Joined: Tue Feb 12 2013, 10:07PM
Posts: 567
Squatch, I pick up mail for a number of my DTH owners just for that reason 😉
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Sat Sep 26 2020, 10:11AM

Registered Member #165251
Joined: Fri Sep 25 2020, 02:13PM
Posts: 2
I wasn't sure about the cost difference a full time tenant pays the bill I just want the most affordable solution. I know his winter heat bill goes crazy if they don't burn some wood. Great info Thanks

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Sat Sep 26 2020, 10:39AM

Registered Member #42113
Joined: Tue Jan 29 2019, 08:25AM
Posts: 292
We are getting an industrial/hotel service dryer for our house we are building. The motor is 220v, but the heat is gas. we have to change out the jets to smaller size for propane and high altitude. The bigger the dryer you are able to get the better. It is related to air movement and drum size, where if you throw a full set of sheets and towels in, they dry out in literally 5 minutes. this makes the actual time gas is burning super efficient. A typical home style gas dryer takes well over half an hour or lots longer to completely dry a full laundry load, whereas a large drum industrial dryer, like a 55 gal size or bigger, gets the job done in a few minutes. The electrical motors for both will use about the same amount of electricity, and the large dryer gas therms, although more per minute, ends up being less overall as you are only drying in 20 percent time.

Lots of refurbished industrial outlets in and around the appliance district in LA, just above the 10 fwy, between maple and santa fe streets. Easy to score a unit for less than a grand that will last 20 years of a couple loads a week. Far better deal than the new home style bells and whistles 2 grand units that routinely die after several years as all those fragile plastic parts, and eventually useless computer controlled sensors and "connected/smart" features which are the main fail points (ask any appliance rehab folk).
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Sat Sep 26 2020, 02:35PM

Registered Member #13841
Joined: Sat Jan 14 2017, 11:47PM
Posts: 369
Years ago at the rental, I swapped out the elec water heater & dryer to natural gas. At the home we have LPropane, I know LP is more expensive than natural gas, but still cheaper than BVES, correct?
We 'try' to run heavy appliances during our solar panel peak times. That's why I haven't given it much thought to covert over to LP... Prolly should do some math.

It's a myth that 240v is more efficient than 120v. It really just has less draw at startup as much easier on motors/components, etc. and shorter wire lengths inside for each run.
So longer life!

I've had my avatar since Jan 14 2017, before covid-19!
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AB BikeHikeRun
Mon Sep 28 2020, 06:32AM
Registered Member #165050
Joined: Thu Sep 24 2020, 02:12PM
Posts: 15
If you have solar, you can obviously offset the usage of an electric dryer. Not having to install gas lines is also nice.

We ended up replacing a gas dryer with an electric one because we were having venting issues, as the vent run was long and windy out of the below-grade location where we have the washer/dryer. The electric dryer can be vented straight into our house, through an extra filter system called Better Vent. For the majority of the year up here, having some extra heat and humidity inside the house is not a bad thing. The rest of the year, we can open a few windows.
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Mon Sep 28 2020, 01:04PM

Registered Member #13841
Joined: Sat Jan 14 2017, 11:47PM
Posts: 369
I wanted to add, great info on local residence billing, mountainart.

We have our dryer vent, vented to crawlspace under house. Yeah checked yearly or when I think about it.

The 1st & 2nd tier therms calculations after solar linear calculations has me mind-boggled.

I can tap in to gas line runs, no prob.

I've had my avatar since Jan 14 2017, before covid-19!
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Amazon is cheaper anyways

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There is a big advantage to taking time at home to fill out ballot.

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