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Get the lodges ready

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Around The Lake
Fri Nov 24 2006, 11:30PM Email Thread Print View

There is no such thing as a nobody as everyone touches someone's life
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Joined: Mon Sep 25 2006, 10:38PM
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Winter is here and the resorts will be open soon so clean your lodges for the guest

Todd C
A Smile Goes A Long Way To Making Somebodys Day Great
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Fri Nov 24 2006, 11:35PM
Time to change the sheets again, huh? Hmmm......I thought we already did that when the time changed.....
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Sat Nov 25 2006, 07:56AM
BBB wrote ...

Time to change the sheets again, huh? Hmmm......I thought we already did that when the time changed.....

Thats gross. I used to clean rooms. I get so grossed out in hotel rooms. Like some of the big hotels chains give you a time limit to clean them. Its just not enough time to do a good job. The grossest thing in a room the bedspread.
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Sat Nov 25 2006, 10:22AM
I know Cat. I won't mention any names, but there are some places up here that are a little on the forgetful side (purposely) when changing out linen. We have quilts and they have to be washed regularly. We also triple sheet like they do at Four Seasons and the Ritz (not that I'd ever go to one of those).

My philosophy has always been that if I wouldn't sleep in that bed, then my guests won't either. Thus, my beds are made to MY STANDARDS or they aren't made at all. We even did ouir vacation rentals the same way.

BTW....My housekeepers spend at least 1.25-1.5 hours cleaning each cabin and I am happy with that. Mine are mostly studio cabins withouit full kitchens. Wde also fill the bath tubs and jacuzzi tubs up with water. The jacuzzi tub gets a powder sanitizer ran thru the jets. Then, a bathroom disinfectanct/cleaner is used. It grosses me out to think that some of my fellow lodgers don't do that.
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Sat Nov 25 2006, 12:18PM

Registered Member #29
Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 12:45PM
Posts: 3078
I'm curious if anyone periodically checks the rooms' walls, carpets, etc. with a blacklight, looking for signs of biological 'stuff'.

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Sat Nov 25 2006, 12:37PM

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Joined: Mon Sep 25 2006, 08:10PM
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Stay thirsty my friends...
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Sat Nov 25 2006, 12:39PM
No they don't do that. I am not going to mention some of the stuff I have cleaned up in rooms.

One thing I do now sence I can stay in them and not clean them. I aways tip the housekeeper, sometimes I'll even clean up. Never sleep with the bedspread.
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Sat Apr 07 2007, 10:31AM

Registered Member #414
Joined: Fri Apr 06 2007, 07:08PM
Posts: 34
does anybody rent like a small space . for a week or so?
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Sun Apr 08 2007, 06:33PM

Registered Member #44
Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 05:13PM
Posts: 636
I'm thinking there's no place like home.

It just goes to show you, it's always something.
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Sun Apr 08 2007, 11:32PM

Registered Member #414
Joined: Fri Apr 06 2007, 07:08PM
Posts: 34
i can even bunk in the living room ...
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Dec 06 : 11:31am
Hi All! Does anyone have any recommendations for an electrician in BBL? We are looking to run power for a new outdoor light and a new outlet today or tomorrow.

Dec 06 : 11:04am
I am gonna put in a bid for more sunshine & helicopters. The snow has melted off quite nicely herein.

Dec 06 : 10:18am
17 years? Wow! Bet you never figured that would last so long when you started this. And you still provide essential services to this community!

Dec 06 : 09:00am
HBDay SCM & admins


Dec 06 : 08:55am
What Sned said...except the dinner part!

sned (KT7P)
Dec 06 : 08:38am
SCM...... Happy Birthday! One more year and you will be of legal age! So....Be cool, Stay in school and Say no to drugs! Enjoy dinner on MrOwl!!

Cap'n Crunch
Dec 06 : 07:47am
Ditto bernermom! Craig and all the administrators have a lot to be proud of and we are all very thankful for what they have done.

Dec 06 : 07:36am
SCM...Happy Birthday and know that you reach homes from Crestline all the way to Big Bear...quite an accomplishment!!!! Thank you!!

Dec 06 : 07:29am
Happy Birthday SCM! 😘

Dec 06 : 07:13am

Dec 06 : 06:47am
Congratulations and thank you for all the info you put out for our community.

Dec 06 : 05:58am
Congratulations! And thank you for 17 years of service to the Community!

Dec 06 : 05:30am
Today turns 17 years old! Thank you all for your support to make this site possible!

Dec 06 : 05:10am
Badger glad you have had your power restored!

Dec 06 : 12:03am
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

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