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Web Cam
San Gorgonio Wilderness
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Web Cam
Web Cam Name San Gorgonio Wilderness
Web Cam Provided by
Location Barton Flats
Posted by
Updating every 5 Seconds
A magnificent view of the San Bernardino Mountains looking towards the majestic San Gorgonio Wilderness.
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Re: San Gorgonio Wilderness***SCM ALERT*** | Feb 13 : 06:17pm

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This is a VERY cool cam!

Re: San Gorgonio Wildernessstetson creek r | May 18 : 07:15am
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Registered: Sep 21 : 08:51am
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Where in the Wilderness is this camera? What elevation?

Re: San Gorgonio Wildernessbills grandson | Mar 21 : 01:45pm
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Registered: Sep 15 : 01:32pm
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we need windshield wipers on this one.

it is beautiful when the weather is decent

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Jun 28 : 10:17pm
Kelaarin, totally agree. Not everyone wants to join Facebook. We should be able to access this info at a simple, consolidated site. Maps, up-to-the-minute updates, road info, etc. One handy-dandy page. Why is that so much to ask? I have four tabs up all the time, often more, when fires happen. And it seems like they are often woefully slow to update, leaving mountain residents wondering.

Rant over.

Jun 28 : 10:10pm
Cough cough... Plenty of smoke here now!

Jun 28 : 10:08pm
RimFire on Facebook consolidates those.

During fires, I've monitored on CHP CAD, newspapers, Office of Emergency Services (County and State), web cams, chat rooms.

When I was advising my mom of the fire in her area, and preparing to evac, I actually used CHP CAD and web cams in her area. Other sources were surprisingly silent.

Jun 28 : 09:43pm
Why isn't there a centralized website for Fire info in SoCal? Between CalFire, Inciweb, and local sites, I'm tired of having to look up multiple pages to get info; it's frustrating. Heaven knows we need it.

Benny (N6BWX)
Jun 28 : 09:31pm
Yah he's a real pro, litrally!

Jun 28 : 09:19pm
Dallas is teaching our boy. He's amazing. Dallas that is, amazing with our kiddo.

Benny (N6BWX)
Jun 28 : 09:03pm
Oh that's great, you go meet with Dallas?

Jun 28 : 08:58pm
Not to make light of the fires, however, my boy enjoyed Golf Lessons at our local course. Had an early lunch at the clubhouse, always good.

Cap'n Crunch
Jun 28 : 08:11pm
I'm fine but homes in San Clemente abutting the base may be threatened. Evacuations are being considered.

Mtn.goat John
Jun 28 : 07:51pm
You too Cap'n

Cap'n Crunch
Jun 28 : 07:50pm
Thanks Goat. Stay safe.

Mtn.goat John
Jun 28 : 07:39pm
The Hamline Fire in Burbank was about 10 acres. Winds were blowing pretty good at the time. LAFD and LACo copters did an amazing job. The ground fire fighters were awesome, tough terrain there. I’m about 5 miles from that incident.

Cap'n Crunch
Jun 28 : 07:28pm
The Christianitos on and off ramps on I-5 have been closed. I heard there is a fire in Burbank today as well. And this is only June. What is it going to be like by October?

Jun 28 : 07:27pm
Fox 5 news states 250 acres a while ago. You can Google it there are a few pics and video there too

Jun 28 : 07:25pm
Christianitos, not christianity, darn spell correct

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