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Web Cam
San Gorgonio Wilderness
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Web Cam
Web Cam Name San Gorgonio Wilderness
Web Cam Provided by
Location Barton Flats
Posted by
Updating every 5 Seconds
A magnificent view of the San Bernardino Mountains looking towards the majestic San Gorgonio Wilderness.
This has been viewed 50502 times
Re: San Gorgonio Wilderness***SCM ALERT*** | Feb 13 : 06:17pm

Comments: 2

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This is a VERY cool cam!

Re: San Gorgonio Wildernessstetson creek r | May 18 : 07:15am
Comments: 1

Registered: Sep 21 : 08:51am
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Where in the Wilderness is this camera? What elevation?

Re: San Gorgonio Wildernessbills grandson | Mar 21 : 01:45pm
Comments: 7

Registered: Sep 15 : 01:32pm
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we need windshield wipers on this one.

it is beautiful when the weather is decent

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Oct 02 : 07:16am
best morning show this week.

Oct 02 : 06:29am
have a gr8 day

Oct 02 : 06:28am

Mtn.goat John
Oct 02 : 06:25am
Strike that, make that "isn't" oops

That time
Have a great day!

Mtn.goat John
Oct 02 : 06:21am
Good thing this site is monitored by a government agency.

Mtn.goat John
Oct 02 : 06:15am

Oct 02 : 06:15am
Last Tuesday Obama got off the helicopter in front of The White House carrying a baby pig under each arm.

The squared-away Marine guard snapped to attention, saluted and said: "Nice pigs, sir."

The President replied: "These are not pigs. These are authentic Arkansas Razorback Hogs. I got
one for my wife, Michelle, and I got one for Nancy Pelosi."

The squared-away Marine again snapped to attention, salutes and said, "Excellent trade, sir."

Mtn.goat John
Oct 02 : 06:13am
For the first 45 minutes I was.

Oct 02 : 06:12am
well werent you doing your hooves when you were talking to her?

Mtn.goat John
Oct 02 : 06:11am
I think she was doing her nails as I was talking with her.

Oct 02 : 06:11am
only when you're on hold.its when they pick up they annoy you

Oct 02 : 06:10am
hey your tax dollars are hard at work there!!

Mtn.goat John
Oct 02 : 06:10am
I spent 45 minutes on hold yesterday with the IRS. What a bunch of pleasant folks they are.

Mtn.goat John
Oct 02 : 06:07am
I like the way you think!

Oct 02 : 06:07am
flee again

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