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bills grandson
May 01 : 10:09pm
I have used a reverse osmosis system for over ten years cheap reliable filtered water. I see few times when bottled water has been useful. We complain about the price of gas but pay more for water when we don't have too

May 01 : 08:35pm
thanks Roxannasgarden - I had no idea there was such a page! I should have know though. Everyone has one now it seems.

May 01 : 07:50pm
regarding Nestle, there has been a lot of discussion the past year on the San Bernardino Mountain Facebook web page...

May 01 : 07:48pm
I live in the Houston TX area and we have really hard water. I often use a filter. It tastes ok, but sure leaves a calcium mess on my windows from the sprinklers. Also the rain water isn't much better it seems. Plastic bottles aren't' good for you if you keep them for any length of time. Whatever they are stabilized with leaches out into the water and does a number on your body. I have a cabin in Moonridge that my parents had and we used to live in LA. It's a much longer drive (24 hours or driving) to drive up the hill from here now!! So everyone here has put in their comments on stealing the Strawberry Spring water to the Forest Service? project/?project=48530

May 01 : 07:24pm
I have filtered, distilled my drinking and cooking water for five yrs. Never liked the plastic bottled stuff anyway.

May 01 : 07:04pm
I have no issue with bottled water, only with taking water from drought stricken areas basically for free. When I travel to some third world countries, i for sure only drink bottled water.

May 01 : 05:43pm
Here's a movie on the Nestle matter.
[Click Here]

May 01 : 05:33pm
Hmm don't use store bought plastic bottle water filter my water and use a bottle that I've had for 20 yrs

May 01 : 05:30pm

Lumbe® Jill
May 01 : 05:20pm
I'm just curious...for the people that object to companies like Nestle bottling you buy and consume bottled water?

May 01 : 04:35pm has article

May 01 : 04:34pm
Desert Sun

May 01 : 04:33pm
the Desesrt Sun has done many articles on Nestle recently, even front page ones.

May 01 : 04:27pm
Has there been any discussion here about Nestle's water permit for Arrowhead Mountain Water Bottling drawing from Strawberry Springs in the San Bernadino Nat'l forest? I just discovered this article and written comments are due by tomorrow May2. I was aware of them extracting water from drought -ridden Washington State, but not here! I couldn't find anything about this on the socalmtn board.

[Click Here]

Benny (N6BWX)
May 01 : 03:04pm
Cells beginning to weaken a bit, but we could get some re-formation.

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