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Jul 27 : 07:54am
those were armenians in burbank. you can tell city folk with all the armenian wife just smacked me

Jul 27 : 06:51am
I showed that video to Billy and Button. They are going to Mexico to hold a pro test!

Mtn goat John
Jul 27 : 06:29am
Have a wonderful day!!

Mtn goat John
Jul 27 : 06:29am
I try just about everytime I ride. One day I'll get it right

Jul 27 : 06:27am
have a great day

Jul 27 : 06:27am
its good to bleedout. takes away some of the gameness

Mtn goat John
Jul 27 : 06:25am
Whatever, it bled.

Jul 27 : 06:24am
you mean hooves ?

Mtn goat John
Jul 27 : 06:23am
That is what a hammer is for. I know I've tenderized a thumb a few times

Jul 27 : 06:22am

Mtn goat John
Jul 27 : 06:21am
It would cook better if he didn't turn it so often.

Jul 27 : 06:20am

Mtn goat John
Jul 27 : 06:19am
Look at the brightside it will only be about 83 today to go with it.

Jul 27 : 06:19am

Mtn goat John
Jul 27 : 06:14am
Yea, not a fan. I've seen a goat melt. It ain't pretty.

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