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May 29 : 11:50am
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Double fatality traffic collision at 3:40 AM this morning in front of the Grey Squirrel. 4 people in a vehicle vs power pole. 2 died. Is 18 still closed?

Lumbe® Jill
May 29 : 11:32am
Hardiplank siding...that's what we did! They don't seem to like hammering on cement board lol

May 29 : 10:52am
Hi Lumber@jill:yes thank you! That was the thread I was looking for...this $&/?$@ woodpecker is attacking our cabin waking us up every am about 5:30!!! She is in a place about three stories high so it's hard to access. Best thing I found on the Internet is a "Black Attack Spider" it's motion sensitive and scares all birds! I think I want about four of those? Any better ideas??

May 29 : 10:14am
Oh, and as far as the Greenhorns goes, I'm sure they're protecting the Gooseberry crop!

May 29 : 10:13am
Being a National Monument is not all good. Maybe SBNF is going incognito so the same won't happen to it. Check the map for shades and a wide brim hat.

Mtn.goat John
May 29 : 09:54am
It took its trees and left. Something about jealousy over the ANF being named a National Monument was what I heard.

May 29 : 09:43am
It's The Singularity. It's happening!!

May 29 : 09:41am
The whole San Bernardino National Forest is missing on Google Maps!

May 29 : 09:31am
Big Bear on HGTV: Time Warner OC shows it at 8PM. Looks like before that, it's an all day "Flip Flop" binge.

Lumbe® Jill
May 29 : 09:21am
The HGTV show is called Lakefront Bargain Hunt. Description says "Sisters from San Diego, CA want to find a cabin on Big Bear Lake where they can spend time together as a family"

May 29 : 09:09am
Radha, the problem appears elsewhere, for example in the Greenhorn Mountains (North of Lake Isabella). The problem seems to extend into the San Gabriels just West of the 15, e.g. San Sevaine.

May 29 : 08:56am
BC - you're right. I noticed that too.

May 29 : 08:42am
Big bear on hgtv tonight at 5. Show called lakefront somethongor other

May 29 : 08:11am
Google Maps suddenly(?) stopped shading the San Bernardino range, Gorgonio, etc. green. I've checked pretty much every gizmo/vintage and they're the same. I'm morphing into an old crank, so I sent them a sternly worded message.

May 29 : 07:54am
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