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Sep 03 : 02:04am
Ditto RRH!
Nighty night!!!

Sep 03 : 01:31am
Oops, MGJ.

Sep 03 : 01:29am
Good nite CK. I hope you wake up BGS. Good morning MGS and ROCK. Sorry about the rant. Nite all.

Sep 03 : 01:25am
More babies, more food stamps, more Nobama care. If I added Kim to my health insurance now it would cost me $1,100 dollars a month. Two years ago it was $600. Good bye Nobama soon and we need to do everything we can to get Hilary unelected.

Sep 03 : 01:16am
They infiltrate all portions of our lives. They are like secret agents who have a goal to make your life dangerous and uncomfortable. Damn them. As sure as the sun rises in the east, as one mercifully dies, two more will be born to propagate the species.

Sep 03 : 01:05am
Well, if we can't keep the AOI members off the streets, maybe they should only be able to drive Bumper Cars, like what you see at carnivals.

Sep 03 : 12:55am
They are everywhere, and the sad thing is you can't defend yourself from them.

Sep 03 : 12:52am
Last week, my line-dance teacher's parked car was hit by an AOI member who was trying to parallel park to get to a marijuana dispensary.

Sep 03 : 12:37am
No, I was talking about Big Falls in Forest Falls where all of the idiots get stuck or fall trying to get up to the big falls. No alcohol involved I'm sure.

Sep 03 : 12:34am
Oh! And I'm quite Sure that I Don't drive Dan crazy at all!

Sep 03 : 12:31am
Regarding the AOI, is the intersection of Bryant and Hwy 38 near the area you were talking about, because I see accidents happening there a lot, too.

Sep 03 : 12:28am
He's already talking about working for another fire department for a different city after he retires...We'll see! I'll tell him you said hi!

Sep 03 : 12:24am
He should be able to make it through the Holiday's then. Say hi to him for me, and let him know that retirement is a good thing.

Sep 03 : 12:17am
No lasting results, and I healed fast. I had to have a tetanus shot, and so my arm hurt more than my leg! lol!

Dan's still working, so No, he's not driving me crazy at all!

Sep 03 : 12:13am
Is Dan starting to drive you crazy yet?

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