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Oct 01 : 06:01am

Oct 01 : 05:27am

Sep 30 : 09:52pm
Juliann, sorry it took me awhile tor respond. Thanks!

Sep 30 : 09:43pm
All i can say is this game really sucks.

Sep 30 : 09:41pm
San J.or what. Please try to be more specific.

Sep 30 : 08:36pm
Smoke from SanJacinto/idlewild or ?

Sep 30 : 05:47pm
Hi Around the Lake


Sep 30 : 04:45pm
Sadie Girl... Thanks to you, too....yep, not seeing the Arctic Circle for a while since we do the drive on Fridays and Mondays.

Sep 30 : 04:41pm
Echofox, yes, we came up today by noon via 330..... Easy drive.

Sep 30 : 04:39pm
Ha! Snow Valley! to the dam, not Snow Summit! I didn't even catch my error by reading Mtn goat John's joking post here. Duh.

Mtn goat John
Sep 30 : 03:52pm
Juliann is aware of where the closure is.
[Click Here]
I just happened to point out a slight mistake on her part. Far be it from me to let one of those go.

Sep 30 : 03:44pm
Wow looking at the overnight temps on Benny's forecast, looks cold! I'm ready for the fallsy feel again

Sadie Girl
Sep 30 : 03:32pm
Julianne , the artic circle that's going to be closed. From snow valley to big bear dam.

Sep 30 : 01:21pm
Julianne, did you come up today?

Mtn goat John
Sep 30 : 01:02pm
Well if it is only closed from Snow Summit to the dam go North Shore.
I guess like you said 38.

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