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Oct 24 : 02:24pm
Radar shows another band rolling in.... Lots of lightning also...
[Click Here]

Oct 24 : 02:21pm
In Arrowbear: Hot cell - hail & lightning - heading towards BB.

army police
Oct 24 : 01:52pm
i hope that too.

army police
Oct 24 : 01:50pm
hello everybody i hope everyone is having a goodday.

Oct 24 : 01:48pm
You've heard of fill the boot. Now let's fill the lake this winter!

Oct 24 : 01:07pm

LA Owl
Oct 24 : 11:47am
Received. Thanks a bunch.

Oct 24 : 11:32am
LA Owl - I sent you a Private Message.

Oct 24 : 11:29am
We just made it to 1" of rain in the past 24 hours here in Fawnskin!

Oct 24 : 11:24am
Well, it is pouring over here by the golf course.

Oct 24 : 11:22am
I will be interesting to see what we get in the next storm. my folks give it a 50% chance of hitting us (all 800k acres)

LA Owl
Oct 24 : 11:01am
Cammy that is a nice over view map. How did you pull that up from NOAA? I ask because I see my weather station on it.

Cap'n Crunch
Oct 24 : 10:49am
I spoke too soon. Here comes another cell.

Cap'n Crunch
Oct 24 : 10:47am
P.S. Great map Cammy. Thank you.

Cap'n Crunch
Oct 24 : 10:46am
A big cell moved through BBL about fifteen minutes ago. Now steady but declining rain, so the party's almost over. However, we have Friday to look forward to!

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