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Jul 02 : 02:18pm
NShore.Allen Thx for posting and we are happy to get the story mostly to keep the drone story alive, Also Mr. Steve Andrews designed and built the fantastic home and its his legacy that was destroyed. link to photos of the home and land, RIP Sol Mountain
[Click Here]

bills grandson
Jul 02 : 02:04pm
usually once a fire is no longer deemed to be a threat and for all intent and purpose it is out. They will say that the fire will not be considered out until there is a snowpack sitting on it.

Jul 02 : 01:46pm
stetsoncr--there is a difference between "contained" and "out". Happy Camp has been contained for some time, but is still burning and thus, not out.

stetson creek r
Jul 02 : 11:21am
Wow! Thank you LumberJill & Luna!

Jul 02 : 11:15am
Even that doesn't always do it. Here is a blurb from June 25 2015 about the Happy Camp Fire: The 2014 Happy Camp Fire Complex is still burning

The Happy Camp “megafire” that blackened over 134,000 acres in northwest California in 2014 is not out. Last weekend firefighters found four small areas that were still burning inside the fire perimeter. During normal weather conditions snow and rain in the winter would usually fully extinguish a wildfire, but the drought and warm weather has allowed some areas within the Happy Camp Complex to continue to burn. There was no indication that the small hot spots were any threat to cause the fire to consume additional acres. Fire managers have re-activated the InciWeb page for the fire.

Lumbe® Jill
Jul 02 : 10:53am
Roots underground smolder for weeks after all signs of flames are gone. That is how the Butler 2 and the Grass fire started. I've heard officials say that a fire isn't "out" until there's a blanket of snow is on the ground.

stetson creek r
Jul 02 : 10:37am
When do they decide that a fire is officially out? I see the containment line getting longer, no new acreage added. Are there still parts that are smoldering? I understand the caution. I well remember the Oakland fire in 1991. That was a small fire that they put out and left. It flared up again and burned over 1500 homes, and killed 25 people! I'm just wondering how they decide it's out?

Jul 02 : 10:23am
Sunny in Moonridge.

Jul 02 : 09:55am
It's only Thursday and we're off to a siren filled start of the weekend here in Crestline.

Lumbe® Jill
Jul 02 : 09:32am
Lake Fire Update: [Click Here]

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 02 : 09:19am
Good build-ups already up here, should be a fairly active day!

Jul 02 : 08:59am
Nothing yet in Orange/VP. Doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Jul 02 : 08:48am
CLaw - Seeing pics from this article makes me really sad. Such loss, especially for the creative ones who lived there. :/

Jul 02 : 08:46am
Raining Fullerton!

Jul 02 : 08:30am
Tnx Allen.

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