Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
Mountainlvr, Sat Jun 25 2016, 09:16PM

Is there going to be one this year?

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
Sunni (KK6UDF), Sun Jun 26 2016, 07:25PM

Please, please please!

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
Socalsnowman, Mon Jun 27 2016, 01:41PM

Someday, it will be scheduled when we are up there and can get over to meet lots of the members.

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
NShore.Allen, Sat Aug 20 2016, 09:44PM

Time to organize the Fabulous SCM soirée, anyone want to help?

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
BBNona, Thu Jul 06 2017, 05:38PM

I would really like to meet all of you in person, being old school! How about after Labor Day???

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
OldJoe, Thu Jul 06 2017, 08:25PM

After Labor day, good idea. I'll have to take the Dial-A Ride wheelchair equip van but i'll do it, can't get in and out of a regular vehicle. Have sorely missed the picnic. It is a unique informal way for SCM to meet, pseudonyms become REAL PEOPLE, wow is that scary?

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
Craig (KJ6BCM), Wed Feb 21 2018, 03:58PM

This year we will plan a get together! So sorry we have missed the last few years. The lull in them was mainly caused by me as I dealt with the slow passing of both my parents. Usually we have rented Meadow Park (the shelter) and done a potluck style event with SCM providing a main course, sodas, etc. I am open to any other suggestions from all of you as this is your event and I admit, I love meeting all the faces behind the names. With all the new member since the last picnic, it should be a real blast! We have traditionally done it in late July or Early August but I would like to get some suggestions as to dates that work for most folks as I am pretty flexible. Glad this thread god resurrected! Thanks you guys! -Craig

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
BBNona, Wed Feb 21 2018, 08:25PM

I would absolutely enjoy meeting all of my SoCalMtn Friends in person. I’m Italian and I volunteer to make baked ziti for let’s set a dat for this summer and make it happen!

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
MrOwl, Wed Feb 21 2018, 09:12PM

Sorry to hear about your parents. My mom has been battling cancer for 1 1/2 years.

Re: Annual SCM Picnic / Potluck
KK, Thu Feb 22 2018, 07:08AM

Craig, I Know your dad had passed. So very sorry to hear about your mom.