Aspen Grove-San Gorgonio
Old School, Sat Oct 07 2017, 03:56PM

Anyone know if the grove survived the Lake Fire?

Any color this season? Fingers crossed....

Re: Aspen Grove-San Gorgonio
Dian4BB, Sun Jul 22 2018, 09:58AM

I am sure you know by now that the Aspens didn't make it ,so so sad 😭
We hiked that trail often prior to the fire. We just went up and walked all the way up as the road is still closed. It was heartbreaking to see it. It was such a majestic stand that was a joy to behold in socal. We did hike all the way down and the aspens are coming back just slow going with the lack of snow/ rain.
I have heard there is another Aspen Stand off Onyx summit, do you know where that is located by chance? We are going to go take a walkabout and try and located .

Re: Aspen Grove-San Gorgonio
Delj, Sun Jul 22 2018, 12:03PM

Also at the NS Ranger Station.

I'm sure that you all know that a grove is normally a single plant with an extended root system. That is why it can regrow after a devastating fire.