Dennis Knickerbocker's Tree
SenorSausage, Mon Feb 25 2019, 08:41PM

Back in 1949-1950, a new fire station/police station/jail was built on the north side of Big Bear Blvd. at Knickerbocker Rd. A young Dennis Knickebocker (Bills Grandson) along with his dad Harold (a fireman) planted a pine tree in front of the fire station. Even when this building was demolished in 2001, the tree remained. However last weeks rain/wind event knocked over the nearly 70 year old tree. Here's to you Dennis......... Still remembered and missed.

Re: Dennis Knickerbocker's Tree
MtMan, Mon Feb 25 2019, 10:12PM

Indeed, still remembered and missed. RIP my friend...

Re: Dennis Knickerbocker's Tree
Socalman, Tue Feb 26 2019, 06:19AM

Though I never met Dennis in real time, I felt we got to know each other pretty well on SCM. I so miss his posts about the Big Bear I first met in the 50's and got to know in the 60's. I am happy to see that he is remembered!

Re: Dennis Knickerbocker's Tree
Mtngoat John⭐, Tue Feb 26 2019, 06:43AM

How sad. Nearly a year ago we lost a legend and now this tree. Dennis’s wisdom and knowledge of Big Bear and the valley is missed greatly by so many. He was such a valuable asset to SCM. RIP BG

Re: Dennis Knickerbocker's Tree
SenorSausage, Tue Feb 26 2019, 08:49AM

This is the tree a few years after it was planted by Harold and Dennis Knickerbocker.

Re: Dennis Knickerbocker's Tree
Rumor Mill, Thu Feb 28 2019, 09:11AM

I saw it blown over also thought of Knick and wonder if a time capsule is in the roots

Re: Dennis Knickerbocker's Tree
OldJoe, Mon Aug 19 2019, 04:13PM

His presence will be around a long long time.