Tree-killing pest detected at Big Bear
Skyline Drive , Thu Aug 15 2019, 07:37PM

BIG BEAR – (INT) - The invasive goldspotted oak borer (GSOB) has been detected in dying California black oaks in the community of Sugarloaf.

It is the second GSOB infestation identified in San Bernardino County. The first was discovered in the Oak Glen area in 2018. It is also the second GSOB infestation on the San Bernardino National Forest, following the first in Idyllwild in 2012.

The long-range spread of GSOB from its native range in Arizona is attributed to the movement of infested firewood.

The Forest Service says GSOB may already be in other portions of San Bernardino County but haven’t been yet discovered. The non-native beetles aggressively attack California black oaks, coast live oaks and canyon live oaks.
Story Date: August 15, 2019

Re: Tree-killing pest detected at Big Bear
Tlingit, Wed Aug 21 2019, 07:16PM

just got a bunch of wood with the bore makings shown on google images. I'll burn it all down the hill, but please people, be on the safe side and don't bring firewood up the hill.

Re: Tree-killing pest detected at Big Bear
Socalman, Tue Aug 27 2019, 07:00AM

DO NOT bring non-local wood into the area! If you need firewood, get it from a local supplier who uses local wood.

(It hurts to post this, as we had a large tree removed a little over a year ago and now have a bit over a cord of ready to burn wood at our home own the hill.) We will burn it here, we just tend to use the fireplace in Big Bear a great deal more.