Interior of the Fawn Lodge
RichardG, Tue May 19 2020, 01:35PM

I recently found on the internet a film that was made in Fawnskin. The name of the film was Giant from the unknown which was made in 1958. There are a couple of the scenes in the film that appear to be from the interior of the Fawn Lodge or possibly the Fawn Cafe. I have attached two of the screen shots of those scenes. Can anyone verify if they are from the Fawn Lodge? I would appreciate if anyone could post interior photographs of the Lodge or Cafe.

Re: Interior of the Fawn Lodge
doo·hick·ey, Tue May 19 2020, 03:38PM

That's pretty cool. It is included on Amazon Prime, gotta check it out. Lotsa Big Bear too. Here's the imdb details [Click Here]

Filming Locations:
Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino National Forest, California, USA

Fawnskin, California, USA
(town scenes)

Re: Interior of the Fawn Lodge
doo·hick·ey, Tue May 19 2020, 04:26PM

The first ten minutes so far, has been most ALL shot on the main drag Fawnskin. Neat.

It was the Lodge
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Re: Interior of the Fawn Lodge
BootsNBridles, Thu Jun 04 2020, 09:46PM

Just for kicks we watched the entire thing! LOTS of film of Holcomb Valley, Polique Canyon, and Fawnskin. The acting and story line are so bad as to be comical! But we watched it all so the trade off was worth it! Be on the look out for conquistador remnants!!

Re: Interior of the Fawn Lodge
Rumor Mill, Fri Jun 26 2020, 06:07PM

I remember cowboy paintings on the walls