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Sep 28 : 01:18pm
USFS: #ElDoradoFire Video Update 09/28/20
Incident Commander Mike Wakowski. Thank you to the communities, this fire was personal
@sbcountysheriff @CALFIREBDU @CHP_HQ @SBCOUNTYFIRE @Caltrans8 [Click Here]

Sep 28 : 01:15pm
Thought to myself, 99% chance it wasn't him.

Sep 28 : 01:10pm
A half dozen low alt heli passes for Carlos, the missing off duty firefighter, were just seen.

Yesterday, I saw, by the ole goat house, Shay/baldwin, a mountain biker (phat tires kind) no helmet. That was the spitting image and build of him. I didn't have time to backtrack...
Say hey what's your name?
Chopper is back again.

Sep 28 : 01:02pm
Is it just Forest Falls without power still? According to the Red Cross rep at my friend's hotel, the generator/s are coming up here today and we may have power by this Friday. Guess I'm headed for the laundromat!

Not Kidding
Sep 28 : 12:54pm
forgot the link
[Click Here]

Not Kidding
Sep 28 : 12:54pm
Spiceguy - have you had these kissing bugs in the past? I know they bite (they like to bite you in the face, ick!). Not to be alarmist but they are also known to carry Chagas disease, here is an article from the Patch, be careful!!!!

Sep 28 : 12:23pm
Pretty good wind gusts heading up now.

Benny ⭐
Sep 28 : 12:21pm
Fire's not doing too bad, had a real good header yesterday, simmered down a bit today. Just burning through some unburned fuels within the perimeter/containment lines. [Click Here]

Sep 28 : 12:02pm
El dorado fire looks like it's flaring up. Can see a significant plume from down the hill.

Sep 28 : 11:40am
Hello everyone. Just wishing you all a happy week.

Have a great day!

Sep 28 : 11:27am
Caught a Kissing Bug in our bedroom last night.

Sep 28 : 11:25am
Just an FYI.
The Big Bear Eagle cam is back up and streaming again on YouTube.

Sep 28 : 11:18am
USFS: #ElDoradoFire Daily Update is available

Red Flag Warning today; Closure order extended, BAER team to begin assessments.

Full Daily Update at: [Click Here]


Benny ⭐
Sep 28 : 10:39am
Still a little header seen on the El Dorado Fire, burning into some rocky steep terrain firefighters can access easily, so they're doing some drops. It's still burning well within the containment line(s). [Click Here]

Sep 28 : 10:35am
They are still dropping water on the El Dorado fire. Their are 3-4 helicopters assigned to the fire still working hot spots.

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