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bills grandson
Feb 12 : 01:15am
The chairs must not go back down in winter.
It might be because of the snow but that should just be a problem getting off at the top?

Feb 11 : 11:29pm
My Husband and I went to Snow Summit today because we wanted to eat lunch at the top of the hill. Lady told us no, you can't because there is no way down for you. How come this is only offered in the Summer. We thought we'd have a nice scenic ride up, lunch then ride down. Very disappointed.

Feb 11 : 09:31pm
CBSLA Channel 2 is asking if anyone has video or photos of the light or meteor streaking across the sky in S. CA this am. Anyone see it?

Feb 11 : 05:37pm
chat later AP.
going to go eat dinner, picked up some great sausage from Motel Hello,lol.

army police
Feb 11 : 05:12pm
thank you for that i did not know that the only one i know was a movie called witchboard a great movie also.

army police
Feb 11 : 05:09pm
miss it about 20000 thousand dollars.

army police
Feb 11 : 05:08pm
would you believe 2000 thousand dollars that is alot of monet for sure.

Feb 11 : 05:07pm
I don't know if you've seen this thread, but there has been a lot of movies shot here over the years.
[Click Here]

Feb 11 : 05:05pm
yeah, I bet.
lots of mold and painting work.

army police
Feb 11 : 05:04pm
the cost for 16 ft mother alien is real high.

army police
Feb 11 : 05:03pm
he is one of my friends in hollywood helping me with this studio.

army police
Feb 11 : 05:01pm
i will pass that along to my friend in hollywood ok great idea my type of person thank you.

Feb 11 : 05:00pm
I always thought one about the lost mine in Van Dusen canyon would be good.
some idiots find the mine then ghosts of the old miners get'em.

army police
Feb 11 : 04:59pm
something real scary for the people in big bear would not forget for years to come.

army police
Feb 11 : 04:58pm
that is a good idea very good thumbs up for you.

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