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Oct 23 : 01:51pm
SCM: Weather Alert was just activated! Details: [Click Here]

Oct 23 : 01:46pm
Hey razz, how 'bout a monorail?

Oct 23 : 01:32pm
USGS not reporting the increase of earthquakes again..Dutchsinse the truth.. x6aHBgpD_kQ..and Heavy Heavy geoengineering of the skies today (lines in the skies)...

Airport Razz
Oct 23 : 01:16pm
City has announced 'new' plan for vacation rentals and I quote " City staff have considered numerous concerns and helpful suggestions from our residents, vacation rental owners, and vacation rental managers over the past several weeks," Would love to hear from anyone non government or city official that was consulted in these 'suggestions'?? Thinkingi we are being railroaded once again.

Airport Razz
Oct 23 : 01:11pm
Just read newest edition of Elevation 6752 - Big Bear Newletter. There are a number of items included that now have me convinced the city officials have completely lost all cognitive thought and common sense. Really, a lakefront park at the Village. I guess the traffic problem isn't bad enough yet. A gondola public transportation. How about fixing the regular public transprotation. And I have some comments in General Discussion/Vacation Rental Issues concerning the 'new' plan the city is going to present to us. wow. Not putting soapbox away just yet, I can't believe this stuff.

Not Kidding
Oct 23 : 09:56am
Kmart 2nd bankruptcy, this is what happens when Corporations' CEOs run companies into the ground and abandon them. Kmart has no purchasing power anymore, with all of the shortages on products due to shutdowns, only companies that have good reputations and $$ can get the goods the consumers want. Even Sam's club can't seem to supply toilet paper during the shortages.

Airport Razz
Oct 23 : 09:39am
Yep, K-Mart is only socks and underwear basically now. Needed new silverware, nope. Needed a couple of pillowcases for a rental, nope. Needed a replacement coffee maker, nope (thank you DIY), needed some new cheaters, still have those thankfully, can't be blind . Really, why even bother. Just leaving us locals out in the wind once again.

Oct 23 : 09:36am
Amazon is cheaper anyways

Benny ⭐
Oct 23 : 09:21am
I haven't been to kmart in years so.... I demand a fully stocked kmart for the people!

Oct 23 : 09:09am
life is so hard

Oct 23 : 08:27am
The Christmas stuff KMart has out is just a few fake trees. It is committed with the leftover patio tables. We all deserve better than this.

Arrowbear Rider
Oct 23 : 06:15am
Hank, I've been voting by mail for years, but the last four years it has been very convenient to drop at my local polling place, there was zero line & dropping a completed ballot was just walking in & depositing in the box.

There is a big advantage to taking time at home to fill out ballot.

Oct 23 : 12:03am
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

Benny ⭐
Oct 22 : 09:45pm
Funny you guys mention that, I was asking someone about kmart today, they told me how bare it is, but the Christmas stuff is out! Is it a supply chain issue or they closing down?

Oct 22 : 09:26pm
Just spent ten minutes explaining and hit Submit. POOF post gone. Too long... holeinbow pathetic is putting it too lightly. The place should just be closed.
We could start a thread about it.

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