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Sep 20 : 10:26am
Jilda, thx!

Sep 20 : 10:25am
I missed the sheriff driving up 38 but if you were referring to Jeff James' video 6 is [Click Here] of Redlands Buzz. I liked the last 1/3 of video.

Yes, PayPal is fast and useful in this age of computers, just sign up, link a bank account and/or Credit Card and verify it. Clients often pay me with an email using send money 'friends & family'. No fee.

The swelling from the scorp bite is about gone!

Sep 20 : 10:21am
Granya Big Bear Sheriff Facebook post
[Click Here]

Sep 20 : 10:18am
USFS: The Morning Update for the El Dorado Fire is available at: [Click Here]
Photo - Fire burns slowly in pine needles in the Jenks Lake Area. [Click Here]

Deb Doodah⭐
Sep 20 : 10:08am
Granya - I believe that was on Facebook in the Big Bear group

Sep 20 : 10:01am
Anyone have or know where the link is to video taken Friday by sheriff driving up Hwy 38? Shows fire burning along side of road...

Rumor Mill
Sep 20 : 09:56am
3 scuppers planes reporting on fire from BBL

Sep 20 : 08:42am
Not seeing any smoke rising over the south ridge of Big Bear....good sign! Air Attack Supervisor just arrived from Hemet and is overflying the area now. No tankers or choppers yet, which I would assume is another good sign.

Sep 20 : 08:35am
Bad smell of smoke in Crestline. Woke me up around 4am. Ugh!

Sep 20 : 08:35am
Good Morning right back at ya!

Sep 20 : 08:22am
Starting this weekend, Sept 18 at 10 p.m and ending Sept 21 at 5 a.m., the WB 60 lanes #2, #3 and #4, along with the NB I-15 connector ramp to WB 60, will be closed from the I-15/60 interchange to Milliken due to pavement work. Milliken on/off ramps will also be closed. #60SWARM https

Sep 20 : 08:18am
Consider posting PAYPAL emblem below instead of credit cards. Just discovered by accidentafter 10 yrs that PayPal takes the donations when the credit card pics at bottom of this screen are touched. More Donations would Come in if people knew it was that FAST secure immediate way to do it.

Sep 20 : 08:05am
Good Morning right back at ya!

Sep 20 : 08:04am
Good morning everyone... The air was really good this morning in Erwin (didn't smell like smoke for a change!). View looking west was all blue sky. View from Fawnskin looks really good too
[Click Here]

Some drift haze today (best conditions i've seen all week)

Ken E
Sep 20 : 08:02am
Can we donate for the fallen firefighter thru this site ?

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I'm sure they are. Something really needs to be done about this. (Sep 20 : 09:27am)

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