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Oct 03 : 09:04pm
I'm usually monitoring, some nites less chatty than others. How are you.

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Oct 03 : 08:37pm
RedHat, showing up a bit early for your shift aren't you? Good to see you!

bills grandson
Oct 03 : 06:22pm
If they haven't found him yet there is a picture of the kid in the online Grizzly. Should not be hard to find.
I wonder if I would have been as dumb if I was a kid today? I'd like to think not

Oct 03 : 03:41pm
I know the synthetic drug called "spice" is causing kids to become a problem. My husband has been on several of these calls down the mtn. Prayers Mozee for your mom and for a quick recovery.

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Oct 03 : 11:50am
Prayers heading your way Mozee...

Sugarloaf Gal
Oct 03 : 11:47am
Sending prayers.

Just Thinkin'
Oct 03 : 11:37am

Oct 03 : 10:30am
Please pray for my mom, she was the fall victim at 417am this morning. She broke her hip in half.....:( thank you.

Oct 03 : 01:56am
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Nite all.

Oct 02 : 03:07pm
We are seeing this more and more. Whatever drug they are taking makes them almost superhuman. Real walking zombies that can't be stopped. Very scary.

Oct 02 : 02:09pm

UNITS: E98 ME283 MA282A
034XX46 116 4743 - BFL MM32-STATE38 X LAT/LON:34162849 /116795375

More Info: Click Here

Oct 02 : 11:53am
They were on Hugo looking for him too. He got caught breaking into a house then he broke into the BBC park museum. Turn on the scanner on Ben's page and you can find out as much as they want you to know. My husband called me and my daughter's and made us lock all doors and windows. You never know if this fool can hurt you. Better safe then sorry. I live by paradise and the Blvd and the he'll has been circling for quite some time.

Oct 02 : 11:44am
Oops Barker, not Barton.

Oct 02 : 11:40am
800 blocks of Fairway, Barton and Angles. Apparently it was a young hispanic kid high on drugs that ran from the cops wearing blue jeans and black flannel and hat. They know who he is and left to go talk with his folks. They said not a danger to us but if anyone see's him to call 866-0100

Oct 02 : 11:18am
Phone typing stinks. Where is this at?

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