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LumbeĀ® Jill
Oct 31 : 08:37am
Welcome BBNona!

Oct 31 : 08:06am
My husband and I got her first cabin in 1998 and of course we watch the weather since we are part-timers. Goal is to eventually retire up there one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Ernest T. Bass
Oct 31 : 08:00am
Ahahaha, dang goat was going so fast we got a ticket!!!

Oct 31 : 07:58am
Hi ho BBNona and welcome!

Oct 31 : 07:57am
Good morning and welcome to the forum BBNona

Oct 31 : 07:52am
Good morning all! I just signed on last night to Ben's weather but I've been reading you guys for years! I enjoy watching the weather and also get a kick out of all your posts. So I stop being lazy and signed up. Thanks Craig for all your helpšŸ‘

Mtn.goat John
Oct 31 : 06:28am
Better than the Chads costume.

Oct 31 : 06:28am
you to

Oct 31 : 06:27am
hey look you and ernie [Click Here]

Mtn.goat John
Oct 31 : 06:27am
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Mtn.goat John
Oct 31 : 06:24am
Mod squad goat is pretty good too.

Mtn.goat John
Oct 31 : 06:23am
Any pink dress.

Oct 31 : 06:21am
which one?

Mtn.goat John
Oct 31 : 06:20am
The pink dress is my favorite.

Oct 31 : 06:18am
those are costumes? you dress like that every day

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