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Mtn.goat John
Apr 28 : 06:26am
Have a fantastic day.

Apr 28 : 06:25am
that time have a great day

Apr 28 : 06:24am
but al sharpten can make things right

Mtn.goat John
Apr 28 : 06:24am
He is golfing, don't bother him.

Apr 28 : 06:23am
and the liberal media calls it a protest..where is the president where is the new AG? they think they are justified fordoing this. its pitiful

Mtn.goat John
Apr 28 : 06:22am
Curfew for tonight instead of last night was a smart choice.

Mtn.goat John
Apr 28 : 06:15am
and in 10 years wonder why no stores will build in the area.

Apr 28 : 06:13am
liberal logic....lets burn down our town...lets loot because a 12 pack and a few bags of doritos will make it all better

Mtn.goat John
Apr 28 : 06:08am
That's harse. Putting her in the community center might have been better.

Apr 28 : 06:08am
and a bunch of parents

Apr 28 : 06:06am
they need to put the mayor in jail

Mtn.goat John
Apr 28 : 06:05am
Little early don't ya think?

Good Morning

Apr 28 : 06:03am
looks like fire season has begun in Baltimore

Apr 27 : 06:07pm
fire has been knocked down at 8 ac , working on mop up status now,

Apr 27 : 04:55pm
scm alert are you all heaeing anything about the sand icident fire near yuciapa hills crafton college area, header can be seen from fontana,,

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