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Benny (N6BWX)
Apr 29 : 07:09pm
AR, the weather pc died, I'm dth. Will be back up in the morning and fix it.

Apr 29 : 06:55pm
No mistaking it here. That was Big Foot.

Apr 29 : 05:48pm
I heard it in Bear City, with only a small shake.

Apr 29 : 05:37pm
I thought it was an earthquake

Apr 29 : 05:37pm
i live in arrowbear I felt it too

Apr 29 : 02:08pm
I felt the shake too, but it felt more like a sonic boom to me.

Apr 29 : 01:30pm
Weather Alert Just Went Into Effect.
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Momma mel
Apr 29 : 11:29am
And it sounded like a truck going by here too

Momma mel
Apr 29 : 11:28am
Heard it more than felt it in Apple valley

robk (K6RBK)
Apr 29 : 10:43am
It almost felt like a big truck driving past. Wonder if it was an aircraft or perhaps blasting down at the cement plant.

Airport Razz
Apr 29 : 10:34am
Hey Ben, whats up with your weather site. Showing current stats from 1AM this morning???

Apr 29 : 10:28am
A couple of us on Facebook felt it, but nothings been reported.

Apr 29 : 10:21am
Not seeing anything either

robk (K6RBK)
Apr 29 : 10:21am
I thought I felt something too here in Sugarloaf but I don't see anything on any quake maps...

Apr 29 : 10:08am
any info on the earthquakes yet

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