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Dec 14 : 06:55pm
To BootsnBridles, I was only referencing what everybody who lives around Flathead Lake in Montana grows up knowing. Eagles basically are crows with fancy dress, Google all the videos of them mobbing townsfolk, or stealing groceries off people leaving the market.
Nothing negative, or positive that I am asserting, they are just what they are, no biggie.

Dec 14 : 06:49pm
I was only commenting on the eagles, and how they are scavenger birds, which mentally have no fear of human activity.

Snowplay folks, and trespassing I was not referencing. That is a whole huge probl3m up here, with trash, no respect and outright hostility to homeowners as they blqtantly trespass qnd trash your porperty, while they look at you telling them to move on.....

Benny ⭐
Dec 14 : 06:38pm
Yeah that's all fine and dandy, but closed means closed. It's not just the eagle habitat which is a no brainer, but it's everywhere. All coming up to play in the snow and park anywhere there's a half spot. I get it, but show a smidgeon of respect!

Dec 14 : 06:34pm
mountain art, please state your credentials or cite your sources so we can all be impressed.

Dec 14 : 06:32pm

Dec 14 : 06:32pm
Doo, there are two gates, one locked, a fence, and about a mile of super rocky road!

Arrowbear Rider
Dec 14 : 06:19pm
Mountainart, you may be right about the eagles, but that doesn't excuse to countless number of people that park where it's marked no parking and ignore the signs and cross the tape, trespassing where it's marked not to, just to play in stuff that you find in the freezer.

Once 1 or 2 park somewhere that is marked no parking (any where on the mountain), more will follow, clogging up the roadway; Then it takes an extra hour to go a mile or two near the drift park & above Snow Valley.

So, does that excuse their parking illegally or trespassing in marked areas? Leaving trash, etc, etc.

Dec 14 : 06:03pm
Mountain Art nails it

Dec 14 : 05:16pm
Yet, it's silly eco sensitism as the eagles literally don't care. Eagle nests outside a busy apartment and street next door to where used to live in Kalispell Mt. Eagles would play with local kids putting dead rats on string. The "Eagles might get nervous or stressed by seeing people" is pure sierra club false propoganda.

Dec 14 : 02:31pm
Definitely not enough. Can't believe those fools can's read the signs and think how bad it will be over the holidays. Luckily she isn't on the nest now.

Dec 14 : 02:26pm
Im sure no where near enough CasaDelgado

Dec 14 : 02:16pm
Does anyone know how much the ticket is for breaking into the eagle habitat? Hope they ticket every car there.

Dec 14 : 02:08pm
nail their f'n nuts to a tree

Dec 14 : 01:35pm
Per Scanner: USFS OHV unit is on scene of Grout Bay - Reporting 20+ vehicles and numerous people in violation of Eagle Habitat Closure. OHV unit is moving in as well as USFS Law Enforcement enroute.

Dec 14 : 12:02pm
Hopefully resorts get some.

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