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Airport Razz
Nov 14 : 05:47am
I'm thinking that maybe palm trees might be going the same route as our manzanita and Juniper bushes. Seems they are one of the things common in a lot of these houses going poof. Can't do weed abatement 1000s of wilderness acres but I could certainly drop that 'tiki torch' overhanging my roof

Nov 14 : 12:17am
Sierra fire just started few minutes ago, threatening Rialto neighborhood.
Riverside Drive/Amberwood Drive. North of 210 freeway

Nov 13 : 11:26pm
That fire has some very strong wind pushing it

Nov 13 : 11:18pm
Just venting......thankfully all looks to be under control. Praise God and may He always protect those who serve to protect.
G'night all....please be safe.

Nov 13 : 11:10pm
I've been watching and what I can't figure is why the hell they didn't cut that palm down if the hose pressure couldn't reach {...tho' I have serious questions about the training of that unit that responded....why didn't the hose-man get on the corner from the get-go and use the wind to carry the spray?? **BTW....I'm a former CYA trained misspent youth....} **

Nov 13 : 10:33pm
They are going door-to-door evacuating people

Nov 13 : 10:28pm
Abc7 covering it live on website

Nov 13 : 10:27pm
Fire in Rialto area near N Riverside Ave near homes. .

Polar Orbit
Nov 13 : 09:19pm
It would be fun to watch when they film the actual sinking of the boat.

Polar Orbit
Nov 13 : 09:16pm
Actually not true history, but something Hollywood can exploit.

[Click Here]

Polar Orbit
Nov 13 : 09:10pm
So New England history is being filmed right here in our laps.

Nov 13 : 08:27pm
Did anyone have any idea re my previous question, on Highway 18 having some brown payment and some black????

Nov 13 : 08:26pm
I love the $$$$ coming into our mountain with all the filming!!!!

Nov 13 : 08:25pm
I promise Desert Way Jay...I will scout out arrowhead and see if there are any here...they could be filming in two different places at the same time....appreciate all the info you supplied.

Desert Way Jay
Nov 13 : 07:51pm
bernermom, I saw Thunder base camp signs on N. Shore both sides of the campground in Fawnskin today too, in addition to the filming at BB Blvd and Green Way in BBC this afternoon. Inquiring minds want to know. lol

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